March 1, 2021

First pages of the newspapers arrived tonight at our newsroom

The first editions of the main newspapers arrived at our editorial include, among others, the following news on their covers:

EL PAÍS: “Sánchez and Casado meet today in La Moncloa in a climate of blockade”; “” The living conditions in Lesbos take my sleep away “”; “Johnson targets the BBC and questions its funding”; “Five corruption trials await the PP in less than a year”; “The uncertain task of reinserting jihadists.”

THE WORLD: “Justice plans a new type of sedition tailored to Junqueras”; “” If Casado had not given me his support I would not be the candidate “”; “Macron uses his star minister to save Paris after the candidate’s sex video”; “The scam behind the tragedy of Olga and her family in Logroño”; “Triumphal ride of a Madrid King of the Cup”

THE VANGUARD: “China knew the severity of the virus 15 days before making it public”; “The world economy will grow 0.2% less due to the coronavirus”; “Casado will offer Sanchez conditioned state pacts today”; “Social division in the Bolivian land of coca”; “The scam behind the tragedy of Olga and her family in Logroño”

ABC: “Feijoó would achieve its fourth absolute majority by agglutinating the center-right vote. Podemos and its confluences would sink and lose 12 of the 14 current seats, which would be divided between the Socialists and the BNG, according to the ABC / GAD3 survey” .

THE NEWSPAPER: “Another 70 infected passengers inside the quarantine cruise ship”; “Sánchez safeguards the dialogue of the Torra project”; “More cities regulate the use of scooters”; “The hell of the migratory exodus on the US border.”

THE REASON: “The coalition only wears out the PSOE: it drops 600,000 votes”; “Married will require Sanchez to rectify in Catalonia”; “Married will require Sanchez to rectify in Catalonia”; “” The law must be changed so that a minister is not a general prosecutor “”; “Alberto and Joaquín,” buried “by the PNV”; “China hid the outbreak of coronavirus for fifteen days.”


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