Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

First pages of the journals that arrived to our editorial office tonight

First pages of the journals that arrived to our editorial office tonight

The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our editorial include, among others, the following news on their covers:

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EL PAÍS: "The chaos in the Generalitat sinks the expectations of the Puigdemont party"; "The EU fears an internal sabotage of London if the Brexit is very slow"; "The hoax of the Greek caravan A false news about the existence of a caravan of migrants that could cross from Greece to Northern Macedonia pushed 800 refugees from Athens and Thessaloniki to the border, closed"; "The PP has in its program to expand the permanent prison"; "A senior official of La Moncloa resigns due to his relationship with the 'Villarejo case'".

EL MUNDO: "Teresa J.-Becerril, PP candidate for Seville:" A French politician would never make a pact with the terrorists of Bataclan "; "She was reluctant, she was a court secretary and she knew what could happen to me." Ángel Hernández affirms that his wife bought the poison with which he committed suicide three years ago "; "The 'electoral Fridays' add 920 million to the deficit, the AIReF warns"; "May asks to delay the Brexit to June 30 and Tusk offers a year"; "Experts related to PNV and Bildu will control the commission against the Police"; "ERC engulfs Puigdemont's party with a PSC upwards, according to the Catalan CIS."

LA VANGUARDIA: "The Government rejects alliances with the independentistas"; "Brexit never ending Theresa May yesterday asked the EU to extend the extension already granted to June 30, but some leaders, like the French Emmanuel Macron, resist"; "ERC guarantee in Catalonia on 28-A and would prevail in the Parlament"; "Trump gives Mexico one year to put order on the border."

ABC: "Rivera guarantees that he will never make Sánchez president." He used the seal of La Moncloa to lie about his thesis. "" The Basque law on police abuses is his last infamy. "

THE NEWSPAPER: "Sanchez puts the magnifying glass on the watch of Torra, the independence movement gains strength, according to the CEO"; "The comic is going strong in Barcelona"; "Ernest Maragall, ERC candidate for Mayor of BCN:" The question is between Colau and Maragall ";" Ten Catalan towns have the rent more expensive than BCN ".

EL CORREO: "The first Basque mayors, Eudel pays tribute to the aldermen who presided over the town councils 40 years ago"; "The central government censures that Bildu for insulting the police after receiving their support"; "A helicopter invalidated the track of Louiu when a plane was going to take off"; "Debate on euthanasia." The cops told me they understood what I had done to help my wife die. "

THE REASON: "The widow of Inspector Puelles:" They agree with the assassins to be able to continue in power. "Sánchez and Bildu have voted together more than 60% of the laws"; "Iglesias wants referendums to kick the government with 15% of the census"; "The PSOE now campaigns with the euthanasia that it refused to approve"; "The" Social Fridays "trigger the deficit: 10,000 million will be diverted"; "Europe offers a year of extension for the Brexit."


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