April 14, 2021

First great act of protest of CC.OO. and UGT against the Government to the rhythm of hip hop

First great act of protest of CC.OO. and UGT against the Government to the rhythm of hip hop


CC.OO. and UGT are celebrating today in Madrid the first great protest act to demand "answers" to the Government of Pedro Sánchez, so that it can take forward and modify the most harmful aspects of the labor and pension reforms, stop making statements and publish the changes in the BOE and that has "audacity" to look for parliamentary majorities.

The event, held three days after seven years of the labor reform of the PP, brings together more than 10,000 union delegates from all over Spain at the Caja Mágica in the working class neighborhood of San Fermín under the motto "More facts and less words". It has begun to hip hop rhythm with the duo "Los Joselitos", whose lyrics denouncing precarious employment and low wages have been very applauded.

Before beginning the act, the general secretaries of UGT and CC.OO., Pepe Álvarez and Unai Sordo, have declared that "We have mature and finalized issues to constitute an agreement, a first step to dismantle some aspects of the labor reform of 2013, such as the prevalence of the company agreement and the ultra-activity, as well as the implementation of a timetable. " These changes are "very advanced" and "in the portfolio remain other changes related to dismissal."

They have also urged the opposition, mainly the left but also the others who supported the motion of censure, to to support these changes or "portray themselves" because «if they oppose good changes for people, they have a problem with people», Sordo explained.

The Deputy Secretary General of UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas, has stated that «Shit jobs keep increasing» "If you are a woman and young, you have all the ballots to have a precarious job," he said.

Both Sordo and Alvarez and other union leaders who have intervened in the act They have criticized with harshness the declarations of the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, on the law of the abortion and the pensions. It is a "supremacist and xenophobic" discourse because "the woman is not a reproduction machine," they said. Sordo sent a message to PP, C's and Vox telling them that "the macho role of some has ended".

Álvarez asked attendees if they believed that "if Endesa does not apply the new collective agreement they will lower the electricity rates" and demanded the recovery of the administrative authorization in the ERE.

He also thanked the Government and United States for the draft Budget for this year, "the first since 2009 that look to citizens".


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