Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

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unpublished. The Assembly of Madrid celebrates for the first time a plenary session of investment
candidate, after having verified that none of the candidates that have been nominated, Angel Gabilondo (PSOE) and Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP), gathers the necessary supports.

This was decreed yesterday by the Speaker of the House, Juan Trinidad (Citizens), which confirmed a decision made at the beginning on July 2, but that could have been modified if an applicant had guaranteed a sufficient majority to be invested .

Trinidad called yesterday morning a second round of contacts with parliamentary groups to verify that neither Diaz Ayuso nor Gabilondo are willing to make their claim prosper.

Gabilondo would count on the votes in favor of PSOE (37), Más Madrid (20) and Unidas Podemos (7), 64 in total, but also with the rejection of PP (30), Ciudadanos (26) and Vox (12), that add 68.

Diaz Ayuso, on the other hand, has only insured 56 votes in favor of the PP and Citizens, who have already signed a coalition government pact.

So, when the plenary session begins this morning, at 12.00, you will realize that it has been impossible to propose a candidate with the necessary support, and a ten-minute round will be opened for each parliamentary group so that they can explain their position.

When it is verified that no candidate obtains the confidence of the Parliament, it will begin to compute the term of two months – until September 10 – after which, if no candidate obtains it, it would be necessary to call new elections.

It will be the first time that the Madrid Parliament holds a plenary session without a candidate, figure introduced in the reform of the Assembly Regulation approved in February to ensure that the maximum time to try the investiture before the elections start running even if no candidate is postulate

Trinidad had the last day 2 as the deadline to convene this session of investiture, and after finding, in a first round of contacts, that neither Gabilondo nor Díaz Ayuso had sufficient support, decided to convene a plenary without a candidate for today, July 10 .

However, it was possible that one of them would guarantee a sufficient majority and obtain the approval of the president of the Assembly to present his Government program and submit to a vote of investiture.

After Monday's announcement of a coalition government pact between the PP and Citizens, Trinidad decided to call the parliamentary groups to a new round of contacts.

But, after the meetings were over, the president of the Chamber opted to maintain his initial decision, in application of article 182.3 of the Rules of the Assembly.

For the candidacy of a candidate to end, an absolute majority is necessary in the first vote (67 seats) or a simple majority in the second, that is, more votes in favor than against.

If the blockade persists on September 10, there will be re-elections

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