First division | Leganes – Eibar

First division | Leganes - Eibar

The Moroccan Youssef En-Nesyri returned to exercise as a Leganés benchmark and in a duel that had been uphill to his own against Eibar pulled the team so that it ended up achieving a deserved draw (2-2).

The precedents announced maximum equality. Never the madrileños had won in First to the gunsmiths but of the last fourteen encounters between both sets, only one had been decided by more of a goal of difference.

The match started as expected. Except for a shot from Óscar Rodríguez who went out in the thirty seconds, the first twenty minutes were an unsuccessful fight of the contenders to take control of the game.

The only remarkable thing happened in the stands, where the fans of Butarque took out the scarves to walk in the 12th minute as a protest for the last arbitrations suffered by their team.

Time passed without anyone getting close. But it did not need the offensive presence of the visiting team to tear the duel with two paws at set pieces that put them face-to-face in a stadium where they had only won this course in the official Villarreal match.

The first one was born from the right corner of the attack. Hernandez interpreted that Siovas had deflected a lateral ball to corner although the Greek defended not to have touched it. In the middle of the uncertainty Jordan took out and put it on the head of Kike Garcia, advancing this to his own.

He tried to balance immediately En-Nesyri with a distant shot that went beyond the baseline. That shot did not enter but another in the opposite goal shortly after when Jordán took charge of a fault in the front and hit him with mastery. So much that Cuellar could only make the statue while the ball was stuck to the post.

The two setbacks did not change the face of a host due to the absence in the midfield of his coxswain Rubén Pérez. Limited those of Pellegrino at the time of making the transitions towards the attack, only a high shot of Vesga after a direct freeze disturbed until the break.

The locals came out of the changing room with a new drawing and a changed attitude. Of five defenses went to four when entering Arnáiz replacing Siovas. And from 0-2 to 1-2 in less than a minute, when many fans hurried the sandwich.

Braithwaite, always alert, captured a poor return and gave the ball to En-Nesyri. The Moroccan attacked the area, leaving on the way to anyone who went out in search, and defined by the base of the stick.

It served the target of collective encouragement and several opportunities followed. In two of them was key Dmitrovic, who diverted successively a shot at point-blank of En-Nesyri and the subsequent Braithwaite. The Danish had already tried previously, meeting the side of the network. Arnáiz also pointed to the party, but his volley did not see the door.

The inertia gave wings to Leganés, who began to feel very superior from the hand of followers already given to the cause. Together they set out to row in search of the comeback with En-Nesyri in the role of admiral.

The battering ram, always battling, still has youth defects. But his unblemished attitude on green allows him to reach balls that are considered lost and generate a constant burden on the defenders. Sometimes even fly, as he did in the 2-2 when Bustinza put a center from the right and nodded to almost two meters and thirty centimeters from the ground, shading Bigas and Arbilla.

It was the second official clash this season in which the Leganenses equalized two goals against a double En-Nesyri after the first leg of the Round of 32 of the Copa del Rey against Rayo Vallecano. But he could not contribute more the '26', who ended up retiring with loaded muscles and feeling of work well done.

Without him on the lawn, the intensity was lowered. The home team lost steam and the eibarreses appeared slightly, but the draw prevailed.

– Data sheet:

2 – Leganés: Cuellar; Nyom, Bustinza, Omeruo, Siovas (Arnáiz, min.46), Jonathan Silva; Recio, Vesga, Óscar Rodríguez (Santos, min.89); En-Nesyri (Merino, min.85) and Braithwaite.

2 – Eibar: Dmitrovic; Peña, Arbilla, Bigas (Ramis, min-70), Cote; De Blasis, Jordan, Diop, Cucurella (Escalante, min.80); Kike García and Sergi Enrich (Charles, min.70).

Goals: 0-1, min.29: Kike García. 0-2, min.35: Jordan. 1-2, min.46: En-Nesyri. 2-2, min.67: En-Nesyri

Referee: Hernández Hernández (Canary Committee). He showed yellow cards to Siovas (min.34), Cucurella (min.37), Recio (min.51), Dmitrovic (min.65), Charles (min.87).

Incidents: match corresponding to the twenty-first day of LaLiga Santander played in the Butarque stadium before 9,341 spectators. EFE


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