August 3, 2020

First day of closing of premises in Madrid due to the coronavirus

The Community of Madrid will close from this Saturday until March 26 all establishments and shops except food and “first necessity”, including pharmacies, but also gas stations, tobacconists, banks and kiosks, that may remain open.

Therefore, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries and supermarkets may remain open.

Also computer, audiovisual, stationery stores, hygiene products stores, pet shops or mail or internet stores, among others.

In the case of large stores, they can only open the area enabled with this type of services.

These measures have been taken in an extraordinary Governing Council held this Friday in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the region, where the death toll has increased from 64 to 86 in recent hours, while the contagions amount to 2,659 , more than half of those in Spain (4,000).

They will have to close all the restaurants, bars and cafes, except those located in hotel establishments “or inside the facilities for the provision of public services.”

However, the Government of the Community of Madrid has allowed all restaurants, bars and cafes to maintain home delivery or local collection for the consumption of products at home.

The closure also affects cinemas, theaters, discotheques, exhibition halls, concert halls, auditoriums, exhibition halls, gyms, casinos and betting shops.

In the same way, the closing of amusement parks, zoos, children’s amusement parks, festivals, parades and popular parties is ordered.

The suspension of day care centers for elderly people and people with disabilities located in the region has also been decreed for the next 15 days, although the Ministry of Social Policies may open reference centers by area in an exceptional way to guarantee that no user is left unattended.

These measures are in addition to other initiatives such as the closure of all educational centers in the Community of Madrid, also until March 26.


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