March 7, 2021

First color images of Mars since Perseverance

An image of the rover descending.

An image of the rover descending.

The Perseverance rover team Has published the first color images of Mars taken from its arrival point at Jezero crater. In a panoramic view, a flat landscape can be seen, dominated by a sandy surface from which some smaller rocks and stones emerge. In the background there is an elevation in the ground.

Plain landscape of Mars. REUTERS

In an informative meeting on the status of the rover after its first hours on the ground of Mars, an image was also published, taken with a camera installed in the ‘jetpack’ – the structure with retro rockets from which Perseverance was dropped tied with cables of nylon from a crane. The photo, in color, Capture the rover still in the air, just before its wheels hit the ground.

Another image includes a view of one of the rover’s wheels, settled on a sandy surface with rocks and loose stones around it. It is interesting to know if they are of volcanic or sedimentary origin.

A view of one of the rover’s wheels. REUTERS

Perseverance, whose systems are in good condition after the check they have undergone after arriving on the red planet, will look for signs of ancient microbial life, will collect carefully selected rock and regolith (broken rock and dust) samples for future return to Earth, characterize the geology and climate of Mars, and pave the way for human exploration ‘in situ’.

Their destination is a basin where scientists believe that an ancient river flowed into a lake and deposited fan-shaped sediment known as a delta. Scientists believe that the environment here has likely preserved signs of any life that took hold billions of years ago.


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