First cases of coronavirus in the courts and municipal buildings of Madrid

An official of the courts of instruction of Plaza de Castilla de Madrid has tested positive for coronavirus and is admitted to the hospital, as informed by legal sources, while the group building of the City Council will remain closed until Monday on suspicion of A new case.

In the courts of the capital is the first case of contagion by COVID-19, according to the sources consulted by Efe, who point out that he has been an official of the court of instruction number 32, directed by Judge Rosa María Freire.

This court is the one on duty on Wednesday, although the sources remember that the guards are rotating and change every day, which invites us to think that when the official contracted the virus the court was not in those functions.

At the moment, the workers of the famous courts of Madrid are waiting for the Deanery, which is already evaluating the situation, to take appropriate measures.

For its part, the Union of Workers of the Administration of Justice of the Community of Madrid, of majority representation, has reported that it has learned that there are more cases of positive among the workers of the administration of justice, some directly and others of indirect way.

He has denounced that some of them are doing guard service in Madrid, after there are positives in the same body, and has censored that the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) – which plans to report on the measures taken this Wednesday – delay ” unjustifiably any decision. ”

As for the building of the political groups of the City Council, located in the central street of Madrid, it was evicted yesterday and again this Wednesday due to the suspicion of a new positive for coronavirus in the municipal group of the PSOE.

This possible case, pending confirmation, would be added to that of the Vox spokesperson at the Javier Ortega Smith Consistory. A worker in the Vox group also has symptoms.

In this municipal building More Madrid, PSOE and Vox work, municipal groups that on Wednesday have opted for telecommuting, as they have pointed out to Efe from these groups.

The Government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida (PP) will not reopen the facilities until next Monday, sources from the Consistory indicate to Efe.

Martínez-Almeida, on Wednesday, urged the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to specify “a little” the measures that will include the “crash plan” announced by Moncloa to address the epidemic of the coronavirus.


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