Fireworks, I hate the PT and patriotism at the Bolsonaro party

With that atmosphere that in Brazil precedes the World Cup dates or the Carnival celebrations, thousands of people waited at the doors of the presidential candidate's home, Jair Bolsonaro, for the vote to confirm his victory to celebrate it.

And the confirmation that the controversial right-wing deputy overcame the elections, with about 55% of valid votes, unleashed a true carnival among the thousands of followers who gathered in front of his house and closed the streets.

Families with children, couples, young and older, with a total green and yellow uniformity, shouted and sang to the rhythm of "O mito chegou" (the myth arrived, a song of support for Bolsonaro that has become popular during the campaign); they threw firecrackers and waved flags, all of this, as a good party worthy of Brazil, with cold beer.

From the roof of a house next to the house of the president-elect his neighbors reproduced the Brazilian anthem while on the ground, on the edge of the promenade of the beach of Barra de Tijuca, southern and wealthy area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, the drums and the shouts in support of the captain of the Army reserve.

The chants at Bolsonaro's party also had another clear objective: the criticism of the Workers' Party (PT), whose candidate, Fernando Haddad, who replaced the incarcerated ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the dispute, lost with about 45% of the votes in the second round.

"Lula thief, his government to prison" shouted the sympathizers of the military there gathered. One of them, who was carrying a red coffin with the initials of PT, the 22-year-old Luciano Paiva, told EFE that "not only was Bolsonaro's victory celebrated, but also" the growth of the right in Brazil, something they did not have before. "

"He had many speeches that I think are wrong, but he learned over time and understood that you do not have to protect a minority group but protect the individual, because when you protect the individual you protect them all, without distinguishing race, color, sexuality. ... ", explained Paiva when referring to the criticisms of the racist, macho and homophobic statements of Bolsonaro.

Regarding his manufactured red coffin that became a success in the concentration, everyone wanted a photo with him, indicated that he did not specifically against the PT, because "I have nothing against, even though they have stolen me, but against the left in general, I believe that we have to fight for the individual and the PT and the left in general fight for selected groups, "he added.

As the night came the party was unleashed, and its components, all as if they were players of the Canarinha, more crazy, there were even people who with the advance of the scrutiny cried, thanking God for the end of the PT.

The Brazilian naturalized Russian for four years Iulia Galgow said that she lived for years under the Soviet regime, a time that compared with the PT government, so she was proud to have voted for the first time in Brazil on the occasion of these elections, and of having done it for Bolsonaro.

Galgow said that the captain is going to put order in the street, which he considered important "because the Brazilian people need something better, they need security, they need order, they go out at night ... and now there is a lot of criminality and the bandits are favored by the law, "he said.

For Carlos Adolfo Rojo, Chilean of the far right national front of his country, today was "the most important day in the world in years" and therefore came to "see Bolsonaro win with great enthusiasm and energy", since Brazil is the beginning for the one that the extreme right is going to expand by the world, affirmed Rojo to EFE.

An exalted optimism that abounded in all the followers of the elected president, who, wrapped in nationalist attire and covered by fireworks, broke into jubilation when the scrutiny ended and it became official that the far-right Bolsonaro will govern until 2022.

The noise only ceased momentarily when the newly elected head of state was projected on a screen and spread a message of gratitude that his followers followed with attention.

After the intervention of Bolsonaro, the music came back, the shouts against the PT and Lula returned, the fireworks, honks and dances of thousands of people, who without security of what they will have won, celebrate for what they lose, a long cycle of left government that ends today with the arrival of his "myth" Bolsonaro.

Andrea Usero Escalante


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