Firefighters rescue a score of people in Castellón for the rains

Firefighters rescue a score of people in Castellón for the rains

The Castellón Provincial Fire Consortium has attended to more than 40 emergency situations throughout the province until 22.00 today, derived from the cold drop and has worked to rescue a score of people trapped in their vehicles.

The rescues of people -which in some cases continue at this time- who have been trapped in their vehicles have occurred mostly in Benicarló and also in Peñíscola, Nules, Onda, La Vall d'Uixò and Almenara.

Numerous vehicle rescues have also been carried out without occupants, with no evidence of personal injuries so far.

The rest of interventions refers to water drains in garages, establishments, homes, and by falling elements such as trees.

By zones, there have been more interventions by the Provincial Fire Brigade in Benicarló, between Almenara and La Llosa, and Onda. The rest of the performances have been widely distributed from north to south in a generalized manner, from Peñíscola to Sot de Ferrer.

The device has been established according to the forecasts of the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) and after the activation of the Valencian Agency for Security and Emergency Response of the preemergence red level for rainy weather throughout the province.

The president of the council, Javier Moliner, said in a statement that "we are experiencing an exceptional episode in rainy and during the afternoon the Provincial Fire Department has had to intervene on numerous occasions, fortunately without having to regret personal injury."

Moliner has assured that the prudence of the citizens of the province has to continue during the early morning and the early hours of Friday, "in which it is foreseeable that the storm does not remit," he warned.

"We must have the absolute conviction that the emergency services will act diligently, but, above all, with our caution and prudence, we have to avoid at all costs having to regret any type of personal injury", added the President of the Provincial Council. .

The forecasts of Aemet indicate that this episode of heavy rains can vary its final incidence in the province according to several factors, so it is recommended a follow-up of the update in alerts and warnings.

In any case, it is currently foreseen the continuity of this situation of heavy rains with the possibility of accumulated up to 200 l / m2 in any point of the province, and up to 60 l / m2 in one hour.

This situation is expected to continue until Saturday midnight.

To this must be added the warning for gusts of wind of up to 80 km / h along the coast and for Friday there are warnings by maritime storm along the coast.


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