March 6, 2021

Firefighters look for the missing person in the rubble of the explosion in Barcelona

Firefighters continue to search the debris for the disappeared after yesterday’s explosion at a chemical company in the Montsolís polygon in Barcelona, ​​which caused the death of an operator of an adjoining ship due to the shock wave and injuries to about twenty people, all given already high.

As reported by the chief of operations of the Firefighters of Barcelona, ​​Àngel López, the area where yesterday the “violent explosion” occurred is already controlled and there is no “risk” for the population, although for now they have access difficulties and the search for the disappeared due to the accumulation of debris and concrete caused by deflagration.

Firefighters now focus their work on the tasks to locate the missing person among the rubble, an operator of the chemical company where the explosion occurred, although they find it difficult to access the area, where a part of the affected building collapsed.

In addition, they also work to contain chemicals, mostly flammable, although they believe that at the moment there is no risk because the work area is already controlled.

The explosion occurred in a tank that was buried in the ground and in which, according to the first signs, regular maintenance tests were being carried out in this type of facility.

The person in charge of the Firemen has indicated that the pieces of the factory where the explosion took place, at number 47 of the Via Trajana, were shot by the shock wave at a radius of between 200 and 500 meters.

Precisely, the deceased person was an operator of an adjoining ship, which was hit by a piece that was propelled after the explosion.

Of the twenty wounded, thirteen were evacuated to health centers – four to hospitals and the rest to emergency clinics – for polyconfusions and respiratory difficulties due to anxiety, although all of them have been discharged early this morning, as detailed by the Medical Emergency System (SEM).

The head of the Fire Department has confirmed that the shock wave broke some asbestos plates of nearby buildings, although he has ruled out that this now poses a health risk, since it could only have been dangerous, at the time of the break, to breathe the smoke caused by the impact.

The explosion occurred about 2:30 pm yesterday, when there was an explosion in the number 47 of the Via Trajana that caused the collapse of a part of the affected building.


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