July 26, 2021

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

The cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, one of the most emblematic monuments of the French capital, is suffering a fire, according to an Efe reporter at the site.

A large deployment of firefighters tries to control the flames, which come mainly from the central spire of the temple, which is visited by thousands of people every day.

The police have cordoned off the area and are evicting the many tourists who were inside the cathedral.

Kaissia Rouan, who was in the park adjacent to the temple, assured Efe that "when the firefighters arrived there were already many flames coming from the roof" of the cathedral.

"We have seen a lot of smoke, we thought it was because of the works they are doing, there were more and more, we went to the front and we were evicted to avoid being affected by the smoke, we saw the flames leave the cathedral. very sad, "said the tourist visibly affected.

According to the first information provided, the fire may be linked to the works that are being carried out on the roof of the capital.

The temple spire, which was surrounded by scaffolding by the works, is engulfed in flames, which have spread over the roof.


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