Finnish UPM is putting out to tender for a terminal in the main port of Uruguay

Finnish UPM is putting out to tender for a terminal in the main port of Uruguay

The Finnish paper mill UPM, which is studying to build its second cellulose pulp mill in Uruguay, is participating in a tender for the construction and operation of a port terminal in Montevideo, the company said today in a statement.

The terminal, which would cost approximately $ 260 million, will specialize "in the storage and transportation of cellulose, chemical products and other inputs related to cellulose production," the document said.

The facility, which will have a capacity to handle approximately two million tons of pulp per year, will be built following a tender that includes design, financing, engineering and construction, as well as operations and maintenance.

"Having modern facilities in the port of Montevideo would offer exporters a competitive gateway from South America to growing global markets, benefiting the national economy," UPM said in the statement.

He also explained that if the concession were awarded, the financial commitment of the company in the form of guarantee of compliance would be 20 million dollars.

According to the company, "the tender is being carried out within the framework of the UPM study for the potential construction of a new pulp mill in the country," following an investment agreement with the Government of Uruguay signed in 2017.

"As part of the agreement, the government will promote the concession of a terminal specialized in pulp in the port of Montevideo with rail access to ensure a reliable and competitive exit to export markets," the statement concluded.


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