October 29, 2020

Finland confirms a first case of infection with the coronavirus

The authorities of Finland reported today a first case of infection with the coronavirus in the region of Lapland. The affected is a woman, a Chinese tourist from Wuhan, who was admitted to a Finnish hospital with symptoms of contagion and subsequently tested positive.

This is the first case confirmed in the Nordic countries, after the first suspicions of infection in another patient in Finland were ruled out in recent days.

The 32-year-old woman is in good condition, reports the Yle News news portal, which refers to sources at Lapland Central Hospital.

It was the affected woman who went to a medical center as soon as she perceived her first symptoms of infection. After the corresponding tests in Helsinki the contagion was confirmed.

Another 15 people are under observation, who are considered exposed to being infected. The Finnish authorities claim that the situation is under control and that the risk of spreading the coronavirus in that country is low.


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