June 14, 2021

FindingRespuestos.com, the health website that is born in magazine format and can be read and heard – La Provincia

Looking for Answers.com/ HEALTH It is a project of Iberian Press and Zeta Group to create a community around the world of health, with interesting, practical and rigorous content, endorsed by a Scientific Commission.

Looking for Answers.com/SALUD, born with the publication of a outreach magazine, whose articles are signed by specialists, professors and members of the Royal Academy of Medicine and the Royal Academy of Pharmacy, who have made an enormous effort to make their wisdom available to all audiences.

A publication of highest information quality in 132 full-color pages, distributed free of charge with All media of Iberian Press and the Zeta Group, and that is the launch of a world of information and participation on health.

Looking for Answers.com/SALUD born simultaneously on paper and on the web. And in this print magazine you can see the presentation in a way to make quality journalism, with the complicity and help of the best specialists, and looking for our readers to know that the best place to ask about health is … SearchingAnswers.com.

In this issue of the magazine and this web startup, in SearchingAnswers.com will find:

A double question nothing reassuring for our future: Are we running out of sperm? Is the twilight of males approaching?

A success formula: My plate, the Harvard recipe that explains in a single dish how to make a healthy meal, and not fattening.

A warning and an explanation: The silent killer, the hypertension, threatens more than one billion people and, in many cases, taking medication responsibly can save your life.

An academic from the Royal Academy of Pharmacy answers the question Is it good to endure the pain? And when should we take a pain reliever.

Healthy aging. The importance of geriatrics to understand that old age is not a disease, and that you can be a happy old man also being sick.

The neurologist's keys. That gives the symptoms of stroke and warns that speed is the formula of hope. And it doesn't take a minute to call an ambulance.

From the dream and its importance, several lessons and one fact: not sleeping makes even the pains less bearable. And we will know the 'chronobiology', which studies the schedule of diseases.

From the digestive system … Does the poop superpowers? A news as surprising as it is hopeful: in the bacteria of the intestine could be the cure of diseases of the head or heart, like heart attacks, Parkinson's … and even autism.

The ophthalmologist provides some important general notions and designs an essential list of reviews that our eyes must pass throughout life.

The nephrologist warns of diseases that if we do not care they can cost us a kidney, with how difficult it is to replace the functions of a very complex organ.

And so does the pulmonologist with the lungs. Because never, never, it's too late to quit smoking. And without tobacco, Lung cancer would be a rarity.

And, above all, in Searching for Answers / HEALTH You will find a comprehensive analysis of humanity's greatest health problem: antibiotic resistance.

– With an in-depth interview with Bruno González Zorn.
– An analysis of the danger of returning old plagues that ravaged mankind.
– And the global alert system to combat infectious diseases That have already broken the borders.

How many bacteria surround us?

Along the same lines, the magazine includes an experiment to discover the amount of bacteria that surround us, and verify that our life is cleaner today but less hygienic That half a century ago.

The bacteria we have on the sofa at home, in bed, in my bag, in the kitchen, in the children's playground, in the supermarket, in the fruit … And the recommendations of the specialists to lead a life with more hygiene.

Looking for Answers.com/SALUD, is a product that now on paper and always on the web, you can read and listen, although to enjoy the podcasts you will have to be registered, FREE, in our community.

With the magazine, to listen you only need to have a smartphone, open the camera and focus on the QR code you will find in the different articles. Once approach you will skip a warning on your screen and just click.

Also in this issue and thanks to the Royal Academy of Medicine of Eastern Andalusia, you can see one informative, entertaining and interesting film, about the history of pain and the constant struggle of medical science to make it disappear. A 'docudrama' on page 92 that is worth seeing.


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