July 29, 2021

Finding solutions among all



If some time ago someone had told us that we were going to see the arrival of spring without being able to go outside, we probably would not have believed him. The global pandemic represents an unprecedented situation for our generation, characterized until the virus burst into our lives, due to the desire to move, to travel, to move to be connected. In order to protect people, measures to confine the world population have been decreed, but nobody knows for sure what will happen when we resume the activity. We live with enormous uncertainty.

The coronavirus crisis has hit the mobility and transport infrastructure sector hard due to strict restrictions worldwide, especially in Europe. This situation, if urgent and decisive measures are not carried out, could ruin part of the business fabric.

Companies are part of society, they contribute to the creation of wealth and value, and therefore they are part of the solution. The private sector has the capacity to mobilize capital for investment through public-private collaboration, helping to free up part of the public budget. These resources would generate additional economic activity, contributing to the generation of employment and the collection of additional taxes, which are so necessary at the moment by the Administration.

In the concession sector, public-private collaboration solutions could generate an important extra budgetary contribution to the State to guarantee the welfare society. Implementing a pay-as-you-go system throughout the country’s high-capacity road network would allow immense savings in public budgets, which would cease to be dedicated to network maintenance and which, added to higher tax revenues, would allow obtaining economic resources from several billion, which could be used for other priority actions.

I am also sure that one of the biggest challenges the post-Covid-19 globalized world will face again will be mobility. This crisis also teaches us that the fight against the climate emergency is irreversible. Companies must provide all the solutions at their disposal to help care for the planet. We must continue promoting more sustainable, clean and safe mobility, and today we can do so thanks to the enormous potential that technology offers.



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