July 25, 2021

find more than 10,000 photos and videos of child pornography on a computer

find more than 10,000 photos and videos of child pornography on a computer

A former bodyguard of Prince Harry has been found guilty of having child pornography on his computer. The authorities discovered that Timothy Murfitt, a former high-ranking soldier in the United Kingdom, had used words like "kids" and "baby girls" to search more than 10 thousand images disturbing minors. The 47-year-old man also had photos of adults having sex with animals.

A judge of the Maidstone Crown court congratulated Murfitt for his exemplary military service and for this reason was forgiven of having to serve his sentence after the police found the images at his home in Sevenoaks in Kent in April of last year

"Your story is remarkable. Your military record is full of praise from all those with whom you have worked. This is something totally outside of your normal character. Nothing like this can happen again. Thanks to your cooperation and other factors, I am prepared to suspend your sentence, "said Judge Marin Huseyin.

Murfitt initially confessed that he had only looked at the images of adult pornography but later found images of child sexual abuse on his hard drives. According to Infobae, more than 10 thousand photos were discovered including 170 of the highest category and almost 80 of the next in severity and more than 380 extreme images of adults having relationships with animals were found in their home.

"The children were very small, the images lasted more than an hour in rotation," explained the prosecutor, Mary Jacobson, adding that Murfitt cooperated with the investigation and was very honest in his interview with the police. According to Jacobson, the man confessed that he had first been sent images of children and then he kept searching.

The man denied having sexual interest in minors and it is believed that he suffered from post-traumatic stress at the time of what happened. Rebecca Nieto, the soldier's attorney, said such offenses caused great harm to Murfitt and that he felt "completely embarrassed by his behavior."

For his part, the judge said that it was very sad to see a person with his record standing in front of him for that type of crime: "Some of the images are truly frightening, what allows this to happen is that there are people ready to see them. If there were no consumers then this would not happen, "said the judge who added:" You have spent a great part of your life protecting people from danger, you had an exemplary military career where you put your own life at risk and you also spent a large part of it. your life working hard to protect other soldiers, it is particularly inappropriate and sad that you end up committing these offenses where particularly young and vulnerable children are the victims. "

Murfitt was sentenced to six months instead of two years with 160 hours of community work and his name was registered on a list of sex offenders for seven years.


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