June 17, 2021

«Find a solution in Spain»




The week has already started crooked for Pedro Sánchez at the first meeting of his European tour to address the approval of the EU recovery fund. The first stop has been the Netherlands, where its Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has made clear his opposition to the community project that Spain expects.

Before lunch between the two leaders, the Dutchman has put his position on the table by urging the head of the Executive of our country to “seek a solution” at the national level for the crisis in the Covid. A jug of cold water for the intentions of the government, which urges more than other territories the early approval of this fund.

Rutte then referred to the possibility of reaching an agreement on the European plan. He has only pointed out that “it will not be easy”, which shows that in the European council at the end of the week the positions between the north and the south will collide again. The Netherlands, therefore, is part of the group of countries that are most reluctant to financial support without conditions. Their claims go through a European recovery project based on subsidies and in need of reforms at national level.

Tomorrow, Sánchez will face Angela Merkel and on Wednesday he will do the same with Stefan Löfven, Sweden’s Prime Minister, to continue his small community tour in search of more support and to relax the tensions of the demands of the called countries Frugal (The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Austria).

So things, deep down 750,000 million There is a debate on the table, this series of countries have a series of demands. In exchange for participating in the aid, these territories, the most rigorous in spending and others that are not in its orbit, claim to be able to participate in the discussion of whether or not the reforms that Brussels claims are taking place, and for this they have suggested that the Council has the capacity to intervene as it happened in the financial rescue of the last crisis.


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