November 30, 2020

Find a mushroom 'siams' of almost four kilos – La Provincia

With the beginning of autumn it begins to be frequent to find fans to search for mushrooms in the mountains of Spain. Among these people, one of the most common and knowledgeable rural expert is the former Jeromo Mejido Miranda, from Bello (Asturias), who In one of his usual tours of the mountains of Cardeo in Llanos, a specimen of considerable dimensions was found. It is a kind of mushroom with two bodies linked in the same peduncle. At the time of passing it through the scale, the fungus threw no less than three kilos and eight hundred grams.

The magnitude of the piece found surprised Mejido Miranda, who in past seasons had already achieved some mushroom of about two kilos, with which his latest finding doubles the weight of the previous ones. With respect to the nature of the mushroom,the former considers that it may be edible, but before daring to cook it, he intends to seek the advice of the connoisseurs in the matter so as not to suffer unpleasant surprises.

"Be it good or not, the joy that gave me to find a piece of this size is not going to be taken away from me ", said the former, stressing that "it also gives me more strength to return to the mountain to look for more mushrooms at this time of year, which is the most appropriate."

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