June 24, 2021

Financial institutions pressure those affected by iDental to pay the credits for their treatments | Society

Financial institutions pressure those affected by iDental to pay the credits for their treatments | Society

Those affected by the closing without prior notice of the iDental dentistry clinics On June 14, they continue to suffer the effects of the alleged scam investigated by the National Court. To the physical problems that the interruption of their treatments has caused them without previous warning, the pressures are added by some financial entities that granted them credits to be able to pay the cost of the arrangement of their mouths. The Ministry of Health, Consumption and Welfare Social is receiving information that coercion is occurring to those affected, including "through phone calls threatening them that if they do not continue paying the outstanding amounts of the credits will be included in a file of defaulters."

Health has sent a circular to the consumer departments of the autonomous communities to warn about this situation. It reminds the financial and non-financial entities that have granted these loans, which "are violating" Law 16/2011 of consumer credit agreements. First, because the goods or services of the contract have not been delivered in whole or in part and, second, because there are judicial or extrajudicial claims. Therefore, they will be incurring in "an undue payment".

In addition, in the case of "inconclusive treatment" the same entities may not require "any accreditation, medical or expert reports" on their status, because "the provision of the service was not performed," the document continues.

The autonomic executives who have suffered the closing of the clinics speak of more than 400,000 possible affected. The macroprocess for the alleged scam is being investigated in the National Court, where in September there was a meeting with 14 regional governments, the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice to coordinate the action. There some provisional figures were still provided: the Valencian Community then calculated more than 200,000 injured; Andalusia, 90,000; Catalonia, 42,000; Murcia, 12,000; and Aragón, 12,000.

The judge José de la Mata investigates the organization for the crimes of fraud, money laundering, asset raising, injuries, against public health, misappropriation, fraudulent administration and documentary falsification. The first investigations point to a complex corporate network with aggressive marketing techniques and offers low cost to attract people with low resources, who offered credits to access the service. After the closure, iDental left people with unfinished treatments, which have caused great damage to them with toothless mouths, metallic screws of unfinished implants and gums with infections. Those affected also denounce the use of low quality materials.


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