Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

finally “The Mandalorian” in Spain

SERIE: “The Mandalorian”

Baby Yoda and the bounty hunter, finally in Spain

Today Disney + lands in Spain, the channel of the entertainment giant that is offered from Movistar with a very clear hook: “The Mandalorian”, the series set in the universe “Star Wars” is presented as the main novelty in the offer of the channel, It arrives with all the artillery from the science fiction saga and also from the Marvel cosmos and the company’s huge catalog of animation. At the moment, due to the large data traffic caused by the Coronavirus, it comes with lower image quality, but only temporarily. It was launched with different annual and monthly subscriptions. Movistar

DISK: Star Wars / Wilco

George Lucas, tell us

Okay, so the content of the album has nothing to do with the space saga, but the title was chosen by Jeff Tweedy in hopes that George Lucas would sue the band and force them to stop using it. But it never happened. Of course, the Chicagoans were trying to get attention with a clash of ideas (look at the disturbing kitten on the cover) that served as umbrellas for one of the rarest albums in the discography of the great band that, despite everything , contained the precious “Magnetized”. Spotify

BOOK: Star Wars. The rebirth of resistance. Episode IX »Rebecca Roanhorse

To know everything in the fight against the Empire

The new trilology of “Star Wars” started in 2017 with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, a film around which a series of novels were published that covers the time between the sixth and seventh installments of cinema. On the way to the end of the complete saga with “The Rise of Skywalker,” which premiered in 2019, the Resistance must rearm against the Empire. The holes or misunderstandings that the films cannot stop counting are explained with all the luxury of conspiracies and adventures in this series of novels.

Planet, 368 pages, 20 euros.

ONLINE MUSEUM: National Astronomical Observatory / Madrid

To see the stars up close

Although, logically, the best thing to do is to come to their facilities in person when the health emergency passes, the National Astronomical Observatory offers a series of virtual contents that allow you to take a look at the stars and the instruments to see them up close. Eclipses, star showers, constellations, black holes and even the celestial vault that appears at sunset is part of what we can learn. From the Millennium Falcon or the planet Tatooine, no.

MOVIE: “Interstellar” / Christopher Nolan (2014)

USA to the rescue of Humanity

The entire series of the “Star Wars” movies go to their own Disney channel for those who want total immersion. But there are more stories of space travel, like Christopher Nolan’s very fascinating and also complicated “Interstellar”. A story with time travel included, its dramatic and sentimental point, and that little bit of American snobbery of its great nation to the rescue of Humanity. Movistar


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