March 7, 2021

Finally a movie!

Finally a movie!

Actually, the best film so far has been the film "Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles", by Salvador Simó, a film based on a comic by Fermín Solís that deals with the adventure of the filmmaker to shoot the documentary "Las Hurdes, land without bread ». This short film (lasts 30 minutes) combines the animation of the characters with real images of the famous documentary: Ramón Acín plays the lottery and produces this project to Buñuel who at that time had fought with Salvador Dalí because of surrealism. At the end of the tape there are some explanatory signs telling that Mr. Acín was shot by an anarchist and it would have to be said that it is a magnificent film very well done.

The other official film to contest is "Before the burning", by Fernando Colomo. Saying the name of the director we know that it is a comedy and, above all, that it is very well done, it treats of a kind of scoundrels in code, as I said, of comedy that they find out that they are going to burn a lot of kilos of drugs (marijuana). What is the plot is how they try to steal this illegal merchandise, in which a history of costumes is woven during the Chirigotas de Cádiz. Filme that provokes some laughter in the audience, since the actors and actresses are really good and it is in them all the interest of the film. Recommended if you want to spend some time entertaining.


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