Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Finalists, Edurne's desert gold and aphonia pass

It's Monday and the semifinals live of Got Talent Spain still in Telecinco. Paz Padilla, Dani Martínez, Edurne and Risto Mejide They have returned to their positions to watch the performances of the second round of semifinalists. Of course, we remember that the jury has valued each of the contestants but those in charge of selecting the finalists have been the spectators with their votes through the APP. More than 300,000 that were registered last Monday.

An evening marked by the variety of proposals and by Edurne's aphonia that has not allowed him to say a word. However, and unlike last week, jurors have not awarded the joint gold pass. For the first time in the history of the format. They have failed to agree and the night has gone from more to less. So they made the mistake of reserving.

Meet the new finalists from Got Talent Spain!

'Got Talent Spain': Estrella and Leví surprise with a magical and elegant performance

'Got Talent Spain': Estrella and Leví surprise with a magical and elegant performance

Edurne and the aphonia

It is not the first time that happens to the juror. Edurne has had problems with his voice again and has not been able to speak all night. The program has provided a basket full of sound tools so you can respond to Santi Millán through signs and / or sounds. Total drama … And it seems that Madrid has its very delicate instrument and suffers aphonia on numerous occasions. Luckily, he has been able to get by with trumpets and the board but we have missed your little discussions with Risto Mejide. We will see if next Monday is recovered.

'Got Talent Spain': This is how Edurne has communicated throughout the delivery due to his affinity

'Got Talent Spain': This is how Edurne has communicated throughout the delivery due to his affinity

Keiichi Iwasaki, the most voted by the spectators

Definitely, Keiichi Iwasaki It was the big surprise of the night. Few could think that he was going to become a finalist but we also didn't think he would give us a number of this level. And it was that everything started badly for the Japanese magician and comedian. Characterized with a Dalí mustache and a huge knob … Initial disaster when Santi Millán had to go on stage to tear off the false mustache when he saw that the tail was not having its effect. From here, everything has begun to flow.

Keiichi has approached the jury table to make various magic tricks up close They have impressed us. With a limited Spanish domain but it does not take more to delight with your sense of humor. A proposal that has captivated viewers who have made him the great winner of the night.

Estrella, Levi and his beautiful performance

When the set desert gold pass remains, Santi Millán has reported that the two most voted by the viewers would become finalists from Got Talent Spain. It has been the case of Estrella and Levi that have been the second with the most votes of the audience and have thus become the second finalists of the talent contest of Telecinco.

Without a doubt, the couple of participants have given us a magical number full of top-level stunts and with surprising elegance. Risto has had a small discussion with Dani Martínez to negatively value this performance but it has not helped because the spectators had power from their homes. We will have Estrella and Levi in ​​the grand finale!

Triana, the one chosen by the jury

As usual, Paz, Dani, Edurne and Risto They have had the power to select one of the most voted participants to become a finalist. On this occasion, the choice has been between Triana “La Canela” and Marc García. Dancer or magician ?. The jury has been very clear and has communicated it to Santi Millán. And it is that the four votes have gone to Triana "La Canela" including Edurne who has preferred to vote for the little dancer rather than her golden pass of auditions.

In this way, the energy of Triana sneaks into the grand finale of Got Talent Spain in what has been a slightly peculiar evening. Good performances at the beginning of the delivery but, little by little, the level has been lowering. As Risto Mejide has commented, if they get to know it before they would have given the golden pass long before.


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