July 12, 2020

Final referee controversy ACB Copa del Rey basketball

The ACB has decided not to sanction the trio of the final of the Copa del Rey. García González, Pérez Pérez and Jiménez Trujillo will not receive, in principle, any punishment. And the director of arbitration of the competition, Paco Monjas, will not have any sanctions either. The requirement of an "exemplary sanction" by Real Madrid so as not to take the path that leads to abandon the Spanish League it has not been attended by the Association of Clubs.

The ACB issued a statement from its president late in the afternoon after having spent the whole day "analyzing the situation". "It is clear that there have been several serious arbitration errors at the end of the game," says Antonio Martin, president of the Association of Clubs. It is the closest thing to a self-criticism that comes from the organizers of the tournament. "For the first time we have made available to everyone the image of Instant Replay – the VAR of basketball – and therefore all the action in reference to the play is public. The fans have been able to see exactly what they have reviewed and the decision made by the referees – in relation to Randolph and Tomic's play -. On the other hand, there have also been actions that by the regulation can not be reviewed by the Instant Replay – refers to the previous lack of Randolph The head of the Association of Clubs since this season ensures that "every time we have more technological advances and we must use them in the proper way to help the arbitration establishment to make the right decisions, always knowing that it must coexist with human error. To improve this aspect in a relevant way and the technical training in a continuous way during the season is a priority for us in the coming months, and we will do it together with the arbitration collective ».

The ACB, at the moment, has not folded to the demands of Real Madrid so the conflict is still open.


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