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Final Copa Libertadores: River-Boca: For export | sports

Final Copa Libertadores: River-Boca: For export | sports

Save what can be saved

Emotion is the only alibi of the warrior spirit that seized the Argentine wild bars. Bearing in mind that River is the main victim of the excesses of River fans, stupidity is another factor that should not be underestimated. Or the proof that these groups, which started being functional to corrupt managers, today only respond to their own greed. Emotion, stupidity and crime, a cocktail to start shaking. Playing in Madrid it is a capitulation in every rule. The party surrendered to the barbarism of these criminals, given the incompetence, and possibly complicity, of the security forces and the organizational incapacity of the directors. This portrait that the country offered to the world through the game that represents us the most, is a shame. Today, players have a commitment to dignity, and fans, the obligation to defend with pride and peace the passion that unites them.

Silence, play

Meat and players (at this point, redundant terms) are Argentine export products. This week, two entire farms traveled 10,000 kilometers to play the highest symbolic match of Argentina and maximum impact in South America. Fortunately, no player made fun of the fans and the fans did not throw stones at the plane. In the air we are exemplary. The players, bewildered, resigned and surely forced, did not say a single word about the theft of their own people from the most dreamed spectacle of the most beloved game in the country. soccer. Better like that. Because if something is left over to this great Final, they are words. Starting with mine, which just two weeks ago they reproached the Spaniards for the moral superiority with which they watched the great Argentine Classic. This Sunday the Bernabéu picks him up from the ground to show that superiority is not only moral. I just happen to say thank you.

"Pi - pi - pi": something happens at the Bernabéu

The Bernabéu, who saw so many things, will find a new landscape. The white that is so familiar to him is dotted with red, the colors of Sweden speaking lunfardo, a folklore with an unusual movement that will disconcert the stones, some ingenious songs launched as lightning bolts against the enemy. Will it be like this? Because, every time we are facing a change, it is in the same direction. The opera of the poor that was always soccer is snatched by rich who transform the rituals. The stadium will be invaded by curious, soccer tourists who will want to know how a River-Boca is and who will not even know who to cheer. Both, due to their massive presence, will turn the party into something extravagant that I can not imagine.

Fortunately, the players did not make fun of the fans and they did not throw stones at the plane. In the air we are exemplary

Inventory of dignity

But it illuminates the game with your best lights, Bernabéu, that Argentine soccer is, also, the competitive fury of your beloved Di Stéfano; the artistic passion of Maradona; the brilliant synthesis capacity of the ruthless Messi. Beyond that, the country of the juicy stories of Osvaldo Soriano; of humor that scrapes the entrails of football Black Fontanarrosa; of the love marriage between rock, tango and soccer that my admired Andres Calamaro represents ... There is something authentic in Argentine football that grows like a vine in bar conversations, in matches of any pasture, in the message that veterans We leave the young people. Popular culture denigrated by a corrosive decadence that jeopardizes the joy of feeling someone in the global game par excellence: football. Any day and place is good to recover that cultural legacy. Today, at the Santiago Bernabéu, without going any further, so that this farce ends up keeping up appearances.

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