Final brooch season 2022 for the Provincial Championship of Las Palmas

The little ones, at full throttle in Tarajalillo. / C7

In the DD2 category, Daniela Ramos was the winner, and in DD2 Master Julio Daniel won.

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

Hot with a lot of heat, a spectacular day for those who like the beach, but not for that, it was less spectacular to witness the races this past weekend in
The Great Karting Clubone morning together with all the participants, "including the endurance of some parents and trainers who do not see beyond an inch of their noses", always putting at risk before commissioners and organizers that they are less and less by not wanting to endure the impertinence of some and the rudeness of others, luckily the vast majority are not like that and until now the general thought is not to make just pay for sinners.

The test itself was very punctual, and it was well organized with its schedules, total regularity from Friday with the Administrative and Technical Checks, and then on Saturday in each of the races, the Warm Up began in the morning. with
the presentation of pilots Above all, the press, photographers and fans, it was the last test of the Provincial Championship and the Penultimate of the Canary Islands Championship, starting with the Promotion of the School category, which could be so successful in the future for these children in our sport.
two new opponents the brothers Himar Santana and Jaime Santana, who, although they were noted to have very good manners, were lacking in training, especially in that large Circuit for it with its almost 1000 meters and enduring the 10 laps of each race.

But it is only the beginning, in the end there were Trophies for all of them, and Yeiden González was the first classified and winner in his two races, Gabriel Santana second, Diego Daniel third, Himar Santana was fourth to close his brother with a fifth James Santana. In Alevines once again some good races were also seen,
dividing the sleevesbetween Rubén Pérez, winner of the category, and a young promise with a great future Erik Lee, who would do second, Anuar Navarro third, Azael Hernández fourth, Diego Hernández fifth, and another very young promise, Abril García, who made his debut on this track and in the race, Neyen Prieto did not have luck in this race and was in seventh position.

In Cadet, the participation in these races would be greatly reduced, only three participants, but no
or stopped being attractiveAdrián Cabrera won his two races occupying the first place, Amir Navarro was second and Adrian Cruz third, after an engine breakage in the second race/hand.

Another of the great and spectacular tests was the Junior category, spectacular at the start, where they had to stop by the Race Direction since without lowering the flag they took the test as already started and ignored the indications of the Race Direction. , once the outbound control mishap was corrected, the game was given for them,
Oscar Luis Chicharro won both races of the category demonstrating his knowledge and preparation followed very, very closely by another young opposing driver in the two races Maksmilian Skomski, Adjona Regalado occupied third place, Adam el Osta fourth, the young female Abenuara Tacoronte fifth than with Aimar Fariña who did not They had the saint of face in these, Fariña even losing several positions at the start and occupied sixth place.

In the DD2 category, Daniela Ramos was the winner, and in DD2 Master Julio Daniel Mena was the winner. For the KZ2,
Vincenzo Marinov He was the winner of both races and took first place in the competition, followed by Denzel Fiorini second and Mario Hernández third.

Here ended the 2022 season for the Provincial Championship of Las Palmas, now, wait, elections, programming for the next season, hoping it will be resolved for the same several
regulatory loopholes especially in the technical part, everyone from commissioners to trainers and the participants themselves, must have a clear idea for the Championships.

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