Film producers demand a progressive quota system for projects led by women | Culture

Film producers demand a progressive quota system for projects led by women | Culture

The first meeting of women film producers has met in Valladolid, in the framework of the International Cinema Week of Valladolid (Seminci), to some 30 professionals of the sector, of different cities, models of companies of different sizes and diversity of works. In a working meeting, "alive and intense", behind closed doors, the producers have analyzed the situation of this profession, after which they have reached a series of conclusions that they have made public in an act with the media. . The professionals demand, among other things, a progressive quota system for projects led by women, at the same time that they commit themselves to acquire the personal commitment to work for the elimination of the wage gap between men and women and advance in conciliation measures .

Although the data handled are very partial, according to a study by CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers and Media), women producers in the audiovisual world account for only 28% of the sector. Esther García, director of production of El Deseo, of the Almodóvar brothers and National Cinematography Prize, one of the professionals that has attended this meeting, explained that it is necessary to define the percentage of public funds allocated to projects led by women. "We do not ask for an abrupt implementation, but they do take into account these percentages and their implementation from year to year and thus correct a situation of inequality clearly," said Garcia, who also stressed the importance of the ICAA ( Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts) develop a "rigorous and exhaustive" study to determine its real presence in figures and broken down by professional categories. It is essential, for these professionals of audiovisual production, to promote the entrepreneurship of the new generations of women producers and their integration in the sector.

Another of the points approved in this meeting was the requirement of compliance with the law of equality and the guarantee of sanction for non-compliance. "Simply that the law of equality was fulfilled, we would have much advanced," said Chelo Loureiro. They also appealed to the awareness of the media and film festivals to collaborate in the visibility of the role of women producers in the audiovisual sector.

The producers gathered in Valladolid have also committed themselves to establishing a calendar of internal work commissions to continue deepening and advancing in the development of all the approved measures. "Our aim is not only to hold producer meetings, but to extend these meetings to the rest of the women from the other sectors."


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