Film attendance in Spain fell by 2% in 2018

Film attendance in Spain fell by 2% in 2018

A total of 97.7 million spectators attended the cinemas in 2018 and 585.7 million euros were left, which represents a slight decrease of 2% compared to the previous year, according to provisional data from the Comscore consultancy published today. .

This decrease occurs after three years of continued growth -2014, 2015 and 2016- and one year of maintenance (2017), the consultancy said in a statement.

"Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom", directed by the Spanish J.A. Bayonne, was the highest grossing film (24.22 million euros), followed by "Bohemian Rhapsody" (22.10 million), "The incredible 2" (21.14 million), "Avengers: Infinity War" (20, 5 million) and the only Spanish production of the "top" 10, "Champions" (19 million euros).

The list is completed with "Hotel Transilvania 3" (13.4 million), "Fifty shades liberated" (12.2 million), "Megalodon" (11 million), "Fantastic animals: the crimes of Grindelwald" (10,8) million) and "La Nun" (10.6 million).

The screen share of Spanish cinema, which was close to one hundred million euros in revenue, remains at 17.5%, led by the "Champions" of Javier Fesser.

They are followed by "Superlópez" (10.3 million euros), "Perfectos desconocidos" (8 million), "The best summer of my life" (7.9 million), "La Tribu" (6.1 million), " The notebook of Sara "(5.2 million)," Yucatan "(5.1 million)," Without detours "(4.4 million)," The football players "(3.4 million) and" Everyone knows "( 3.1 million).

As a whole, the first semester of the year was worse for the exhibition, with 46.2 million viewers and a fall of 3.9%, but in the second the market began to recover and the attendance to the halls was raised to 51 , 4 million viewers, almost matching the second half of 2017 (-0.2%).

58% of the viewers chose the weekend to go to the cinema, while the remaining 42% were from Monday to Thursday. Saturday is consolidated as the day preferred by the spectators (23.4 million), followed by Wednesday, the day of the spectator, (18.8 million).

According to Comscore, the weekend of April 27 to 29 was the best of the year with 11.2 million euros in revenue and 1.6 million viewers, coinciding with the premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War." On the other hand, the best opening corresponds to "Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom" with 7.1 million euros.

Madrid (19.5%) and Barcelona (13.7%) were the provinces that recorded the highest number of spectators, followed by Valencia (6.3%), Alicante (4.1%), Seville (3.74%) ), Malaga (3.68%), Murcia (3.09%), Balearic Islands (2.79%), Las Palmas (2.71%) and Cádiz (2.54%).


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