Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Fill the deposit is 8% more expensive since January - The Province

Fill the deposit is 8% more expensive since January - The Province

The price ofgasoline and dieselhas chained its tenth consecutive week of increases, which accumulates an increase of 7.46% and 8.95%, respectively, so far this year.

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In particular, the average price of liter of gasoline has risen this week by 0.47%, standing at 1,267 euros, according to data from the Oil Bulletin of theEuropean Unioncollected by Europa Press.

On the other hand,the liter of diesel has risen this week by 0.16%and it stood at 1,230 euros, its highest level since the end of last November.

Both fuels entered at the beginning of the year in an upward trend, which seems to have no end and that cut with a downward spiral that had led to a reduction of 13%, in the case of gasoline, and of more than 12% for diesel, from the highs reached in October.

Fill the deposit

With the current prices, the filling of a medium fuel tank of 55 liters costs about 69.69 euros,almost 5 euros more than at the beginning of the year, while in the case of dieselamounts to 67.65 euros, about 5.5 euros more than at the beginning of 2018.

The rise in fuel prices since the beginning of the year comes from the hand of aincrease in the price of the price of oil.

This Thursday, the barrel of Brent crude, of reference in Europe, traded above 68 dollars, while the American Texas was exchanged close to 60 dollars.

Gasoline is cheaper in Spain than in the EU averageand the euro zone, where the average price of selling the Euro-Super 95 liter to the public is 1,379 euros and 1,414 euros, respectively, while the liter of diesel costs an average of 1.35 euros in the EU -always that last week- and 1,346 euros in the eurozone, slightly lower than seven days ago.

The lower level of final prices with respect to neighboring countries is due to the fact that Spain, despite the increases inVAT, to higher taxes and taxes on biodiesel, it still has a lower tax burden, in general, than the community average.


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