Filed the case for the alleged caregivers of the children of Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias

Filed the case for the alleged caregivers of the children of Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias

Judge Juan José Escalonilla has filed the investigation into the alleged caregivers of the children of Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias in a car in which he says that there is not a single indication that the accused Gara Santano and Teresa Arévalo dedicated themselves to that task , as it is not even known that any other person did it while both politicians received income from the party or from the "public treasury".

García Castellón refuses to hand over to Podemos the documents of his "prospective" investigation against the party

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In an order dated Wednesday, July 27, the magistrate concludes: “From the investigative procedures carried out, not only is it not proven that Teresa Arévalo Caravallo or Gara Dolores Santana Suárez were in charge of caring for the children of Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias , but it is not even proven that any person, other than the parents themselves, was in charge of their care during the time they performed functions paid by the Podemos political party or paid by the public treasury.

Judge Escalonilla opened this investigation as a separate piece of the Neurona case, which is based on a complaint by José Manuel Calvente, an employee unfairly dismissed from the training, as the courts recognized, and who came to report a B box within of the party that the investigating magistrate also ruled out. In this case, it was another former worker, Mónica Carmona, who claimed that Iglesias and Montero used a party worker as a caregiver for her children. As a result of that complaint, Judge Escalonilla opened an investigation that has lasted 15 months.

The complainant spoke of an internal and confidential complaint that she was unable to investigate due to her dismissal as head of the party's Regulatory Compliance. Carmona also attached, as presumptive evidence, an invoice for an electoral trip to Alicante to which the alleged caregiver Teresa Álvarez had also attended, despite the fact that she was in charge of the party and the trip to an act of formation was justified in that sense.

The complaint also pointed to Gara Santana, at that time an assistant to the United We Can parliamentary group and, therefore, an employee of the Congress of Deputies. The facts, therefore, would constitute embezzlement of public funds, which the judge now rules out. It is Judge Escalonilla's argument to justify the 15-month investigation with the following paragraph: "It does not seem that the facts a priori were inconsequential, unless the perception of public money is considered indifferent and therefore inconsequential without the consequent performance of the function determinant of his perception, dedicating the recipient to private activities outside the assigned public function.

Sources of Podemos have reacted this morning to the file of the case asking themselves "who repairs all the reputational damage caused to Irene Montero, Teresa Arévalo and Gara Santan". "They have been false accusations that had the purpose of persecuting the people of Podemos," adds the same official party sources.

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