March 4, 2021

Fight to dominate the Islands – The Province

Twelve rings in the purest NBA style seeking owner. The final of the League Disa Government of the Canary Islands already smells. The fight that will decide who is the best team of the Archipelago will live next Saturday at the Municipal Terrero de Vecindario (21.00 hours). Face to face, the two aspirants: the Tegueste CL from Tenerife and the Old Union from Fuerteventura.

"We have achieved a competition with expectations that have become a reality in the last two years," said Juan Ramón Marcelino, president of the Canaria Federation, thanking public institutions and private sponsors for their involvement in the Regional League.

A tournament that, according to José Francisco Pérez, general director of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, "is the fruit of the effort of all" those involved in reviving the Canarian wrestling. "To see the bulls to the fullest, to see this demand satisfies us, that sense of unity is what I want to highlight," said Pérez.

Everything in front of the trophy and the twelve rings – with the inscription of the names of the seven Canary Islands in Berber – that none of the participants in the fight wanted to touch or a little. The CL Tegueste, champion of the Cabildo League of Tenerife and finalist of the CajaSiete Cup, arrives with a poster of a favorite they do not want. "Favoritism, none, we have had to fight to fight, to demonstrate, all of them have been difficult and the mental aspect in which we are both teams will be noticed, at this level we do not know what can happen", explains Fabián Rocha, prop. A 'of the Tenerife side, which does not hesitate to praise the Old Union and its striker Kiren González. "They have made an impressive competition, they were not in the initial pools to enter the final, and no one has been able to compete with him and will have a category for the next deserved course," added Rocha.

Something Samuel Torres knows, highlighted A of the center of Fuerteventura. "At the beginning we were not the favorites, but the perseverance and our great support have taken us here, this is the maximum that any team can hope for, there are 16 teams that have stayed by the way and we are going to enjoy the night, but trying to win, "says Torres. He is clear about the key to this Antigua: "the sacrifice". "Before going to work, many days at 6.30 in the morning, Kiren is going to train, that's what few do," says the former Union youth squad.

Bernabé Brito, director of the Majorera organization, lets his imagination fly before the final. "It is a pride and a satisfaction for our people and for our team, we were a team to compete, but we have been knitting and weaving and we are in the grand final, now everything can happen," he says.

The requirement for Tegueste, a priori, is greater due to its potential at the beginning of the course. However, Marcos Galván, club president, assures that this is part of the outside world. "It will be a fight with feeling, but we will give normality to the week, we have never wanted to ballast the team with pressure, we make templates to compete, but not to force us to win," he said.

Neighborhood points to a full in the fight for a trophy that, at least, will rest a year in the showcases of Antigua or Tegueste. One of them will reign in the Canary Islands.

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