Fight against piracy since childhood | Culture

Fight against piracy since childhood | Culture

That children and adolescents understand that music, books, video games or movies they enjoy are not free. Even the culture that they consume for free costs money and the work of many people. That is the pedagogical message in which the experts, professors and politicians who have debated this Tuesday in the day have insisted Education and intellectual property, organized in Madrid by the Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO) and the media and entertainment company NBC Universal.

"With the new digital content, young people must be made aware of the value of copyright," said CEDRO's general director, Jorge Corrales. However, from this entity, which defends the rights of authors and publishers of books and periodicals, are aware that it is "a titanic challenge, because it affects social values" and whose results, in any case, "will only begin to be seen in the medium term. "

To assist in this task, CEDRO and NBC Universal showed, at the first round table of the morning, their "online workshop on intellectual property for teachers", an initiative that, explained Corrales, consists of "a tutorial course aimed at teachers for that they teach their students fundamental questions when they have to develop jobs: how to know how to cite or know when something can be copied with or without the need of authorization ". A current issue due to the recent cases of politicians whose doctoral theses or works for masters raise doubts about their originality.

This educational tool was launched last year in the autonomous communities of Andalusia and Madrid. In the present, they have joined the first two Aragón, Castilla y León and Valencia. It is a course that is integrated into the teacher training programs.

The organizers of this day, in which the Ministry of Culture and Sports has collaborated, conclude, after the two courses in which the "online workshop" has been implemented, that there is "great demand from teachers to be able to use These tools ", but that the Administration should head the proposal to reach more autonomies.

A day of cinema

Next, several professors explained their experiences of projects in which they have encouraged their students to respect intellectual property. Like Ángel Gonzalvo, from the Department of Education of the Government of Aragon, who spoke about the program A day of cinema, that has turned 20 years, in which more than 30 centers participate that not only exhibit a film on which it is debated, but also explain the work behind it. "For example, credit titles are discussed so that kids know that a movie generates hundreds of direct jobs."

The last round table brought together representatives of the main political forces to discuss the challenges of intellectual property, moderated by the writer Lorenzo Silva. He was surprised because there are still those who consider "copyright as a privilege of an elite, when most creators are poor self-employed". The creator of the civil guards couple Bevilacqua and Chamorro he told, with humor, when he wrote "a book about the history of the Civil Guard that someone went up without permission, pirated, on the Intranet" of the armed institute.

For the PP, the deputy Miguel Lorenzo stressed how difficult it is to "calculate the value of intellectual property, because judges have no parameters to quantify" when faced with cases of piracy. For Lorenzo, "education is of little value, if it is not linked to the awareness of society". José Andrés Torres Mora, spokesman of the PSOE in the Culture Committee of Congress, asked who has educated young people in the lack of respect for intellectual property, and pointed to the responsibility of large companies with economic interests and power.

Eduardo Maura, from Podemos, insisted on the need to study the consumption habits of young people's culture and warned that the intellectual property law faces the world of data management. Finally, his counterpart Citizens, Felix Alvarez, said that we must "be more belligerent in the fight against piracy, with measures that reduce the time since there is ordered to close a pirate website until the measure is effective" .

School researchers

The projects shown in this day for students to understand the value of culture, CEDRO Communication Director, Carmen Cuartero, recalled the initiative It's a book, launched by this entity in 2006. Cuartero explained that when it began to implement "the culture of copying and pasting, it was clear that the students did not value the work of the author". Therefore, it was wanted to help ESO and Bachillerato teachers to teach their students how to research, through a national contest of school work. Since then, more than 30,000 students and 3,000 professors have participated and some 4,000 researches have been completed in social, scientific ...


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