Fifty people surround the emeritus on his return to Zarzuela: "We all make mistakes"

Barely fifty people received the King Emeritus this Monday at the gates of the Zarzuela Palace. Juan Carlos has arrived at the edge of 10 in the morning to meet with Felipe VI, greeting from the lowered window the people gathered to receive him, who shouted "Long live the king" while waving Spanish flags.

655 days of exile, two tax regularizations and a pending trial in London for harassment of Corinna

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“I have come to show my gratitude”, said Loreto after the arrival of the emeritus, because “he has been a great king, although at some point he has screwed up at some point”. "You have to confess sexual errors to the Church or to your conscience," claimed another monarchist, who preferred not to give his name and defended that "he has not stolen a single euro from the Spanish," ignoring the two tax regularizations that the monarch has had to reconcile his accounts with the treasury and they have meant five million euros for the public coffers that had previously been tried to save. Juan Carlos de Borbón has no pending issues with the Justice in Spain, but he is awaiting trial for harassment of Corinna Larssen.

Nor have they taken into account that the triple case opened against him has been filed because his inviolability, the prescription of possible crimes and the payments to the Treasury made it impossible for any lawsuit to prosper. "Of course, he is not charged with any crime," this man replies when asked about this matter. “In addition, what he is blamed for are alleged gifts that he received from his friends, from sheikhs, for getting contracts. That money was not for the Spaniards, he has not stolen anything”, he justifies.

Another man, who also prefers not to say his name, acknowledged the lack of success in attending the emeritus's reception at what was his former home. “There are many more than we are here. We know how to recognize everything he has done in the past. Who has not made mistakes? I have committed quite a few, but I would like to reach 10% of what Don Juan Carlos has done”, he affirmed. Contrary to Juan Carlos de Borbón, who this Sunday asked the journalists who followed his adventures in Sanxenxo what "explanations of what?", nobody at the gates of the Zarzuela ignored those "errors", but they saw no reason not to applaud with great impetus to the man who committed them. "If we believe in justice and not in sin, he doesn't have to be out," assured Candela, who had also approached this morning to show his support for the emeritus because he thinks "it's very good that he returns home." “He was never meant to be gone,” she says.

This woman considers that the Juan Carlos de Borbón march to the United Arab Emirates has been focused "as a war between father and son" and this has caused that "many people who are monarchists have not come so as not to harm King Felipe VI". Others directly blame “the social communist government”: “He was forced to leave by the government. King Felipe has worked with the order of the Government because the monarchy itself is in danger.

The truth is that the current monarch tries to distance himself from his father. In March 2020, the current king withdrew the allocation that his father received from the House budgetcharged to the General State Budgets, and renounced his inheritance, after learning of the Saudi Arabian payment scandal and that he himself was a beneficiary of the Lucum 'offshore' Foundation, through which the alleged donation was made of 100 million euros.

Juan Carlos de Borbón ends his first visit to Spain this Monday after almost two years in Abu Dhabi, where he expatriated in August 2020 due to his open affairs with the Spanish justice system. In the official residence of Felipe VI he meets this morning with his son in a meeting that the Royal House has described as a "family meeting in the private sphere".

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