Fifty activists protest naked against the fur industry

Fifty activists protest naked against the fur industry

Some fifty animal activists have shown naked today and with their bodies covered in artificial blood in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona, ​​to protest against the fur industry and in defense of animals.

The demonstrators have been lying on the ground piled on top of each other, imitating how the bodies of the animals are lifeless once they have removed their skin, as reported by Animal Naturis.

During the protest, one of the participants held a banner with the motto "how many lives for a coat?" and at the end of the act he shouted "cruelty is not elegant".

With this 'performance', the entity Animal Naturis wanted to "give voice to the millions of animals that are mistreated and killed by the fur industry," according to the aforementioned animal defense association, which estimates that more than 32 million animals annually animals are slaughtered in the European Union.

"The use of leather garments has been mistakenly associated with luxury and fashion, and this is the thought that must be changed because if we do not have demand, there will be no offer," said the coordinator of Animal Naturis in Barcelona, ​​Cristina Ibáñez.

"Currently there are many alternatives to get dressed without having to snatch the skin and the life of an animal," added the representative of Animal Naturis, which calls for banning fur farms in Spain, "as has been done in other European countries "

According to Ibáñez, "Spain is a refuge for the fur employers, given its legal flexibility with the animal protection regulations, even though the escape of mink from the farms requires spending tens of millions of public money each year."


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