Fifteen unforgettable phrases to congratulate Christmas - La Provincia

The Christmas is Time of good wishes. During this time of the year, the congratulations and cards come and go in multiple directions: work, family, friendships ... Although some people make one of them as a mere commitment, the truth is that the vast majority likes to receive these messages, especially if they come from someone special. Then a dozen sentences that serve to congratulate Christmas:

-This Christmas, I will give thanks for having had the opportunity to have met you.

-In this new year you can change cars, clothes, boyfriend, shoes, month, look, work, year ... But never friends!

-Let you never miss a dream to fulfill, a project to do, something to learn and someone to love.

-Happy Christmas to all who share the desire for a better world, full of peace and hope.

-May the joy of these holidays be repeated every day of the new year.

-That these holidays reign in your house love, peace and happiness.


-Thanks for being there, another year with me.

-I hope peace is your gift this Christmas.

-I wish a lot of happiness for you and yours on these magical dates.

-Happy Christmas and a happy new year, I wish you luck and strength for this new stage.

-This Christmas remember that it is only worth it who takes it from you.

-It is important that you remember that even if it is Christmas, you cannot make everyone happy; You are not a chocolate cake.

-The best gift you can give me this Christmas I already have € is you. ¡¡Merry Christmas!

-I would change all the gifts in the world for having your love this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

-The best things in life never come alone and this Christmas I confirmed € They come with you! Merry Christmas!


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