Fifteen people die from COVID-19 in the Canary Islands, the highest number of the pandemic

After a fateful Friday in which the Canary Islands recorded its highest number of daily deaths – with 14 deaths – due to the COVID-19, the Islands record this Saturday, January 15, 6,327 new coronavirus infections and adds fifteen more deaths, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Of the deaths registered in the last hours, Some 14 people have died in Tenerife and another in Lanzarote.

The total accumulated cases in the Canary Islands amounts to 219,283, of which 86,921 are active, from them 75 are admitted to the ICU (+4), 529 remain hospitalized (+5) Y 86,317 are in their homes. As a positive fact, a total of 1,565 people have been discharged.

Data by Islands

Tenerife It has been the island with the highest number of registered infections with 2,866 cases, accumulating 106,938, of which 42,461 are epidemiologically active. Gran Canaria notifies 2,304 to encompass 78,073, of which 31,112 are active.

The rest of the islands of the province of Las Palmas, Lanzarote, adds 438 new cases to accumulate 15,764, of which 6,096 are epidemiologically active; Y Fuerteventura registers 309 new cases and includes 10,352, of which 4,672 are active.

And finally, La Palma adds 269 new positives to accumulate 5,887, of which 2,134 are active; La Gomera adds 42 new cases, accumulating 1,257, of which 231 are active; Y El Hierro adds 48 new positives, so it accumulates 1,011 cases, of which 214 are active.

The Cumulative Incidence, meanwhile, at 7 days in the Canary Islands it stands at 1,613.13 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 2,839.68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

until this saturday A total of 2,953,305 diagnostic tests have been carried out on the islands, of which 18,457 correspond to yesterday.

Some 171 deaths in the last month

Canary has recorded 171 deceased during the last four weeks while hospitalizations have risen by 276 patients compared to the data that was available four weeks ago.

According to data published by the Ministry of Health, this figure means that practically in the last month –compared to December 18, when there were 324 hospitalized– admitted patients have increased by 205 people.

for islands, Tenerife it is the one with the most people with coronavirus admitted with Covid with 379 –40 in the ICU and 329 on the ward–; in front of Gran Canaria, which has 214 –40 in the ICU and 174 on the ward–.

They are farther away La Palma with 16 patients –one in the ICU and 15 on the ward–; Fuerteventura with 10 patients –two in the ICU and eight on the ward–; Y Lanzarote, which has two people admitted to the plant (the same as a month ago).

Finally, La Gomera has a hospitalized patient and El Hierro It is the only Canary Islands without hospitalized by Covid at present.

provisional data

The Ministry of Health Remember that these data published today on the Grafcan portal are provisional and are pending validation by the Public Health teams. In this way, the dynamics of the Alert and Emergency Coordination Center are followed, which does not receive epidemiological information from the Autonomous Communities on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Therefore, the data contained in this press release may change once they are reviewed epidemiologically and consolidated by the General Directorate of Public Health according to established protocols, so discrepancies may arise in the coming days in the updating of the data contained on the Grafcan website.


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