January 25, 2021

FIFA proposes five changes per game and a sixth in extensions until 2021 – La Provincia

The FIFA wants to allow teams to perform up to five substitutions per game until the end of 2021, for thus alleviate the workload extra from the players that can promote a more intense schedule due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The international soccer entity confirmed this suggestion to the DPA agency following a report from the tabloid ‘Sun’, which pointed to a possible index of fatigue and injuries higher than usual due to the dispute of matches without much rest between them.

Because “health comes first”, additional changes would be temporarily allowed, at the discretion of the competition organizer, and would also be allowed a sixth substitute in overtime.

The temporary rule would apply to all competitions scheduled to start or end in 2020 and in all national team matches that will be played until December 31, 2021.

However, a restriction would apply, since the five substitutions could be made, during the match, only in three moments of the game or at half-time, so as not to lengthen the match or cause more stops.


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