January 18, 2021

FIFA prohibits Cádiz from signing in the next two market windows

The Second Division leader is accused of stealing a player from Watford

FIFA has sanctioned Cádiz CF with the prohibition of sign during the next two market windows, as reported The world, which has had access to the file. The decision of the governing body of world football has been adopted following the complaint lodged by Watford FC who accused the Cadiz club of signing the Senegalese center, M’Baye despite having a valid contract.

According The world, the president of the Andalusian team, Manuel Vizcaíno, contacted last summer with the player to offer him a contract for the next two seasons. The player signed and belongs at the moment to the discipline of Cádiz CF B. It is then when Watford offered to Cádiz to reach an agreement by M´Baye, but they did not close it and immediately the English club denounced the facts before FIFA, that has resolved the file with the aforementioned sanction, in addition to punishing the central with four months without being able to play and with a penalty of 28,834 pounds.

Cádiz CF chose to denounce Watford, claiming that M’Baye had no current contract, but his arguments have been rejected. Great inconvenience for the Second Division leader that if he consumes that long-awaited promotion to Primera, he will have to defend himself in the elite of Spanish football with the same men as now.


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