September 29, 2020

FIFA change the transfer regulations due to the pandemic – La Provincia

The FIFA has explained this Monday that will modify the regulations on the transfer of players to the national teams because of the pandemic Covid-19 and will free clubs from such transfers when health is at stake or local laws are broken in order to prevent contagion.

The highest body of world football has established three assumptions to justify that players are not transferred. The first one is “when a mandatory quarantine or isolation period of a minimum of five days must be fulfilled after arriving in the territory where the club that must transfer the player to the national team has its headquarters or the destination in which it is scheduled. the match of the national team “.

Besides, the FIFA also considers as another of the assumptions the fact that there are travel restrictions to or from the destinations mentioned above“or that the competent authorities” have not granted the selected players any specific exemption from the aforementioned decisions. “

“Likewise, the participants in those matches played within the framework of international periods must respect the health and safety protocols established by the organizer of the competition,” added FIFA in its statement.

These transitory amendments on the Statute and the transfer of FIFA players will be applicable during the international period between August 31 and September 8 (men’s teams) and from September 14 to 22 (women’s teams) of the year in course.


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