January 25, 2021

FIFA approves option to make five changes per team until 2021 – La Provincia

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), responsible for football rules, has approved a proposal from the FIFA so that teams can make five changes per game until 2021, a measure designed to reduce the risk of injury in the resumption of competitions after the stoppage of the pandemic.

FIFA reported in a statement that this measure has “immediate effect” and it will be in effect spent on December 31, although it does not rule out expanding it in the future until the competitions of the 2020/21 season end. In addition, he said that the application of the measure remains in the hands of the “organizer of each competition.” The RFEF and The league They have already agreed to use it in Spanish football.

To avoid further interruptions in the game, each team will have a maximum of three opportunities to make changes during the match. If both teams make a change at the same time, it will count as one of three opportunities for each team. In addition, unused substitutions and opportunities are transferred to the extension, in case there was one.


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