August 9, 2020

FIFA 20 makes Cristiano and Messi coaches

If you thought the rivalry between Messi and Cristiano It was going to end on the pitch, you were wrong. When they retire they will be their clashes in offices and benches those who fill hours and hours of sports gatherings. At least that's how he imagined FIFA 20, of which some images have been leaked in which both Barca 10 and CR7 are making coach functions. And go ahead that, of course, the post come with the "Pep Guardiola look" and a physical aspect that we had never seen, confirming once again that the years do not go by in vain. Both have earned a few pounds and lost cacheWell, Messi ends up leading the Newcastle and Cristiano, in the Sampdoria. Could it be that in the distant future Zidane and Valverde continue to hold on to their respective positions?

Jokes aside, the images correspond to one of the novelties of the FIFA 20 Career Mode, which was presented the heavy week. For the first time we can retire and make the leap to the benches with our player, be it a real one or an avatar created by us. And once as coach of the team that lends, it will be necessary to avoid all kinds of Press conferences on which they depend the morale of the players and our score as a coach. When the lights and microphones turn off we will have to deal with the players themselves, each of their father and mother, with their own requests, problems, and so on. As a distinctive touch, the game will allow us choose what outfit we wear, putting at our disposal all kinds of suits (from a tracksuit with which emulate the Sage of Hortaleza even the elegant set of mobster ?, funeral? from Cholo Simeone).

We will see how we are given the new position next September 27th, date on which the ball rolls and the game lands on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and, in an edition with nuances of content, Nintendo Switch. At the moment, the last hour of FIFA 20 goes through assimilating the last blow of eFootball PES 2020, which has taken the Argentine superclassic, leaving it without the licenses of Boca Juniros and River Plate, replaced by the sympathetic Buenos Aires FC and Núñez FC.

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