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The theater may surprise this week to those who walk through the Argentine capital from the balcony of a museum, at the subway stop, at the top of a tower or in the park. The International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA) It has redoubled the commitment of 2019 to turn the city into an open-air stage in the middle of the southern summer. More than 2,800 artists participate in 530 shows in a hundred venues over ten days.

“Last year the success was so enormous that the decision was made to return it annually. The goal is to go out and take the city as a stage and offer proposals in the public space,” says Federico Irazábal, the artistic director of FIBA. “We have a new section that is frontier theater where we take three works by Dennis Smith Black, Boyscout Y Hollow hugs-, to get them out of the rooms and mount them in other spaces: the forests of Palermo, a Starbucks and a messenger delivery place, “he continues. Juan Coulasso invited a walk through the Chacarita cemetery in A work more real than that of the world, and with Baroque in Barracas. The hidden temple brides the Santa Felicitas Historical Complex was intervened, with the direction of Andrea Castelli.

The 2020 edition was inaugurated last Thursday with The public, a work of Mariano Pensotti which invites you to ask who are the people who are going to see theatrical shows and to what extent the experience affects their lives. The public It includes a film in which the fictional spectators are some of the most recognized interpreters of the independent Argentine billboard, such as Susana Pampín, Pilar Gamboa, Diego Velázquez, Lorena Vega and Juan Minujín, among others. And it transforms the real spectators into protagonists: it forces them to leave the theater and go out and observe the city while they recall the crisis of 2001, a key moment in the recent history of Argentina in which the work is set. Minutes later, the festival continued through the historic neighborhood of San Telmo, with a street party led by the group of Caribbean rhythms and boleros Los Amados.

Silvia Calderoni in one of the scenes of 'MDLSX', the work of the Motus company.

Silvia Calderoni in one of the scenes of ‘MDLSX’, the work of the Motus company.

The rise of feminism and gender theories in recent years have jumped from books to the stage to become the heart of this FIBA. The applauded Petroleum, the last work of the company Piel de Lava, remains on the billboard while shows coming from abroad are added for a few days. MDSLX, of the Italians Mjotus, is a lysergic hymn to the mixture of genres from the identity exploration of an intersex person. Under the direction of the Uruguayan Marianella Morena Trans nature exposes the testimonies of three poor transsexuals born in a border town in northern Uruguay where, when crossing a street, you arrive in Brazil. From Colombia arrives I am not crazy, by Fabio Rubiano Orjuela, a sole proprietor who drinks from the traditional disqualification of female voices that do not comply with social impositions.

Theater and atmosphere has been another axis of this year, with which to reflect on the consequences of festivals on climate change and planetary pollution. The French Jérôme Bel, creator of Gala, this year Buenos Aires included in the assemblies that it develops in different cities with resident directors to avoid taking planes. In Theater and accessibility the Scottish Claire Cunningham stood out, with her dance work supported on crutches Give me a reason to live, which he accompanied with a conference and a workshop.

The Buenos Aires festival will close this Saturday with a marathon of performing arts in Abasto, one of the most theatrical neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Rooms, bars, hairdressers, museums, mansions, cultural spaces and balconies will be the scene of a night full of music, visual arts, dance, theater and performances.


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