Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Fiama and Álex, reconcile

The last gala of
The island of temptations

It was full of surprises. Between them, Rubén’s pumpkins to Fani but also, the reconciliation of Fiama and Álex. A relationship that seemed to be broken but in the last hours took a turn. Recall that the contestant was completely disenchanted with her boy because he had betrayed her to the ask Julian to watch her during the program. A situation that led Fiama to distrust Álex completely.

However, before the final fire and despite that “right now I do not want to be with him”, Fiama’s decision was to continue with Alex and forgive him what happened.

When we thought the relationship was more than broken between Fiama and Álex, everything turns 180 degrees. The tension experienced during the first minutes of meeting between the couple implied that everything was going to disrupt because the participant did not forgive the betrayal of her partner having contacted Julian to watch over her.

“Alex learned that Julian was going to participate and talked with him to watch you. Did you know anything? ”Monica Naranjo asked Fiama in the previous program. Here the young woman denied having any knowledge and said that “right now I don’t want to be with him. I don’t want to see them, I’m not interested in what they think. The only question I have is if my boyfriend loves me more than television. ”

'The Island of Temptations': The confrontation between Fiama and Alex because of the pact with Julian

‘The Island of Temptations’: The confrontation between Fiama and Alex because of the pact with Julian

Going back to what happened at the last bonfire of The island of temptations, Fiama reproached Álex for his behavior. “Have you trusted an unknown person more than your girlfriend? I’ve had to eat to be questioned because of me. Did you go quietly to the villa, having the watchman on the beach? ”Exclaimed the very angry young woman.

I did it with the best intention in the world and it is a very big mess. It be absolutely right in the world. It is a monumental crap, ”Alex repeated several times after realizing his blunder. Finally, Fiama changed his attitude and said he wanted to go with him because “In spite of everything I want it” although the wedding is now in the air.

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