July 7, 2020

Fewer new cases of COVID-19 in Florida, but in Miami-Dade there is no respite

Florida recorded 5,266 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, a figure well below that of the past three days, although it may be because fewer tests were performed on Sunday than Saturday, but in Miami-Dade the There is no respite from the pandemic and the cases increased by more than 1,500.

The accumulated number of infected since March 1 thus rises to 146,361, of which 3,447 (28 more than yesterday) have died from the virus, according to the Florida Department of Health.

For the first time in the last three days, the number of daily infections did not exceed 8,500, although on Sunday only 41,626 tests were performed compared to the 72,195 carried out last Saturday.

In Miami-Dade County, the main focus of the disease, the contagion count grew this Monday with the record of 1,508 new cases and stood at 35,222, of which 975 have been fatal.

Of the 28 Florida deaths recorded by COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, 22 have been in Miami-Dade, which is further and further from the other Florida counties in the escalation of COVID-19.

In Broward, the second most affected county, cases stand at 15,045, after adding today’s 425 new ones, and deaths remain at 382, ​​as on Sunday. In Palm Beach there were 322 new cases and now the cumulative is 13,711, with 503 deaths.

Since March 1 coronavirus hospitalizations total 14,354 with the 218 registered in the last 24 hours, according to figures from the Health Department.

The state is in Phase Two of three with Governor Ron DeSantis’ plan for economic revival, which began in May.


Despite the evident spike in infections, especially in Miami-Dade, Republican DeSantis maintains that it is necessary to continue with the reopening and considers that making the use of masks in public places mandatory at the state level would not serve to stop the contagion.

In Miami-Dade and in other counties they have taken this measure and others such as prohibiting access to the beaches to celebrate July 4, United States Independence Day, to avoid crowds.

From July 3 to 7, the beaches will be closed in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. Many cities have suspended the classic burning of fireworks.

Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner said Monday in the media that he is making this decision because “he is concerned about the people who may come from Broward and Miami Dade if the beaches here are kept open.” .

“We will always put public health first. I do not mean to downplay the fact that our beaches will not be accessible during the weekend of July 4, a day when we celebrate our country and our patriotism, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices” Kerner added.

Similarly, Broward County Mayor Dale Holness did the same this Monday at a press conference “due to the increase in the number of cases throughout Florida” and warned that those who do not comply with this prohibition “will have to face criminal or civil charges.”

For state authorities, the rebound in the number of cases in the last week has been caused by “community contact between young people,” especially in bars, many of which reopened for the first time after three months on June 5. .

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Professional Regulations, Halsey Beshears, issued an order last Friday prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in these businesses, a rule that did not affect restaurants or other businesses in which less than fifty percent of their profits come from the sale of alcohol.


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