August 3, 2021

Festival of Sitges: Lázaro resuscitates in Sitges

Festival of Sitges: Lázaro resuscitates in Sitges

We start with "Lazzaro Felice", by Alice RohrwacherIt is a strange film but it is a genre, Lazaro is a good man in an Italy where the lady countess does not pay the employees although they are happy working and the protagonist is the man for everything, always ready to do all the errands and for having. And so the movie goes by and ends up wondering one: and this one is fantastic? We get out of doubt when he falls off a mountain about 800 meters high and gets up quietly and never gets old while those around him do. Perhaps for all this it is called Lazarus, who was the one who rose again. Well, unimportant movie and to forget.

Let's go with the next one, "Dragged Across Concrete", by S. Craig Zahler, this is from the Orbit section, it's a thriller with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn as protagonists. Mel Gibson makes all the usual gestures since his career began but it is a film that suffers from the same defect that many of the exhibited here; excessive duration However, it is a black film, with action, entertainment, that undoubtedly will have a good commercial career based on the figure of its protagonist actors. Recommended movie when it premieres.

And the contest, the Indian film "Tumbbad", by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad, feature film that enters fully into the main feature of the festival, the fantastic, but also suffers from excessive duration and I will give an example that happens, to catch coins from the treasure that tells the plot, the protagonist goes down FIVE TIMES to a kind of hell, instead of going down one with a sack and carrying all the coins. Magnificent effects, not that there is a demon, there are several demons and, for example, a wonderful effect is the grandmother of the protagonist who in that kind of hell, down there, ends up becoming a tree but with his face in the trunk, that is, many effects and very loud music. Movie to see it for a while because the end is very silly.

Finally also to contest, "Fugue", by Agnieszka Smoczynska, this is a normal movie, that is, neither fantastic nor thriller, A lady has lost her memory because of an accident, however, the film starts with a woman urinating on the subway platform, the rest of the story is about rebuild because this lady lost her memory, she left her house abandoned to her son, with which one gets bored enough and it is a feature film in which in the area where I sit there must have been about six or seven, including a server.


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