September 19, 2020

Fervor in the Metropole – The Province

With the same illusion of the first day but 85 years later. This is how the new year the Metropole Swimming Club started last night. He did it with the traditional act of opening of the season, which brought together the almost 800 athletes that make up the entity in the metropolitan facilities.

All members of each of the disciplines taught in the club were gathered in the immediate vicinity of the José Feo pool: judo, water polo, frontenis, fencing, triathlon, jumps and each of the different categories and swimming modalities , which are the great emblem of the house.

The journalist Jesús Alberto Rodríguez was in charge of conducting this opening act of the season, taking a tour of the history of the Metropole Swimming Club which, throughout its 85 years of life, has established itself as one of the great sports clubs of the whole national scene.

Like every campaign, this meeting of the great metropolitan family also served to pay tribute to those 27 athletes who achieved the glory of participating in an Olympic Games, from London 1948 to London 2012. On this occasion, Conchita García Rubio, Nazario Padrón were present , Leyre Eizaguirre and Jordi Ulibarri.

Representing all of them, the jumper Leyre Eizaguirre, Olympic at the 2004 Athens Games, dedicated a few words to the entire family of the CNMetropole.

"I have been an athlete of this club for more than 25 years on a path that led me to fulfill the dream of participating in an Olympic Games. In this venue I learned that great successes are reaped with effort, sacrifice and perseverance" , he said.

Leyre Eizaguirre used the occasion to praise the work of families "an unconditional support in the life of the athlete." "Thank you for those hours at the foot of the pool, for the comings and goings in a hurry to get to the club, thanks for accompanying each of these athletes to fulfill their dream," he said.

The president of the CN Metropole, Eduardo Araujo, who begins what is already his third year at the helm of the entity, showed that, with this act, "we bring out the best of our history, we claim our past, our present and our future, we boast of the great training, social and sports project that year after year carries out the Metropole and that has turned it, after 85 seasons of history, into an authentic emblem, an identity sign, a source of pride of this city, of this island and, let me say, of the Canary Islands and of Spain as a whole ".

In relation to the next season, the head of the club said that "all at once, contributing and working as a team, we will continue to build the history of the Metropole."

"Knowing the raw material, knowing about the talent and work capacity that reside here, I am sure that a future as splendid as our bright past awaits us," Eduardo Araujo added.


As usual, the launch of the CN Metropole also served to entertain the athletes who obtained good results in the championships held in Spain and, also, in which other cities such as St. Petersburg, Paris, Rome, Antwerp, were staged. Gwangju, etc.

In total, there were 34 personalized diplomas to record the more than 115 medals that the metropolis conquered last year.


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