Ferraz terminates the mandate of Susana Díaz but cools the activation of the route to throw her out

Ferraz does not want Susana Díaz to continue to lead the Andalusian PSOE after his defeat this Sunday against Juan Espadas, despite the fact that the former president has made it clear that she intends to continue as head of the general secretariat until the end of the year, when the regional congress will be held in which the organic leadership will be officially renewed. However, the federal leadership chills the possibility of activating the path to end his mandate through a manager that, if Díaz does not resign, a priori has a difficult fit in the internal rules of the party.

Sánchez renews internal leadership after claiming the (electoral) head of Susana Díaz

Sánchez renews internal leadership after claiming the (electoral) head of Susana Díaz

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"It is the militancy that gives and takes away leadership in the PSOE," said the Secretary of Organization and Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, in a press conference after the meeting of the Permanent Commission of the PSOE which he has not attended Pedro Sánchez because he is in Brussels for the NATO summit. But the message from the socialist leadership is clear: Susana Díaz's leadership is finished. "With Juan Espadas at the helm we open a new time," added Ábalos, who has made it clear that he will be the one who will pilot an "exciting project" for the Andalusians three years after the Socialists lost the Junta for the first time in 37 uninterrupted years of can.

"After yesterday's primaries it has become clear what the voice of the militancy is. It has been a resounding victory for Espadas, today a candidate to preside over the Junta, but it is the expression of the militants around a leadership" Ábalos, for whom in the primaries "it was clear" that "this is the legitimate leadership in Andalusia." "We are all going to collaborate in that direction as it cannot be otherwise," he added: "That leadership is everyone's obligation."

Díaz assured that he will step aside and that he will let Espadas be the one who carries out the political direction of the federation, but he refused to resign as general secretary, considering that "there is no reason." His intention is to stay until the regional congress at the end of the year, to which he "obviously" will not appear. However, it will be his leadership that controls the organic process until that conclave, in addition to participating in the federal as still leader of the federation.

Despite the discomfort of the federal leadership with this bicephaly, Ábalos has dropped that he does not plan to start the mechanism for the dismissal of Díaz at the head of the Andalusian federation. "We do not consider that we have any internal order problem that we should address," said the Secretary for Organization. "We have no problem of haste in any case," added the socialist leader who, at the insistence of journalists on the possibility of relieving the former Andalusian president, has assured that it is "irrelevant" and that it is "minor issues "After the results of this Sunday in which Espadas, who was the candidate promoted by the federal leadership, easily prevailed with 55% of the votes compared to 37% of the still secretary general.

Marks Casado for "hiding" from the boos in Colón

Pedro Sánchez takes a breath before that victory in Andalusia, despite the vertigo that the supporters of Espadas had in the final stretch of the campaign, and the Socialists consider that they have also emerged with flying colors from the demonstration against pardons in the Plaza de Colón a the one attended by the three rights. Ábalos has charged Pablo Casado for his attitude in that mobilization and has called on him to reposition himself in "moderation."

"They have failed in their attempt to set the streets on fire. It is the picture of shame," said the minister, who has accused the PP leader of "hiding in a corner so they don't boo him." According to the socialist leader, the leaders of the PP were seen "ashamed" in that demonstration in which, in his opinion, who "is in charge is Vox". "Casado does not convince the more moderate right, who yesterday did not want to accompany Colón, nor the hard way, who booed him," Ábalos continued, who considers that he has to face his leadership problem: "He has to decide whether to bet by moderation, relaxation, and coexistence or by constant excess, tension and tension ".

"What solution does he propose apart from collecting some signatures that cause division and confrontation?" Ábalos asked himself, who recalled that the PP is following "the same technique that it used against the Statute" and that for the Socialists it is the origin of the current split with an important part of Catalans. In addition, he has accused Casado of doing the "ostrich policy" before "the dripping of information on mafia practices in Genoa", in reference to the imputation of María Dolores de Cospedal, who promoted him to the presidency of the party.

Ábalos, on the pardons: "The whole party supports this question"

"This country is light years away from its exclusive vision of Spain [ha dicho Ábalos sobre la actitud de la derecha]. Those of us who believe in building bridges between different people and not blowing them up are the vast majority. No one is going to deny us our right to speak to everyone, seek solutions and engage in politics, "defended Ábalos, for whom the conservatives were largely to blame for the rupture in Catalonia. Thus, he has defended that there have been" advances ". that allow to unravel the situation, such as the sentence of the you process, the sentences, the fulfillment of a good part of the sentences and ERC's resignation to unilateralism.

"The party fully supports this issue," Ábalos said about the pardons, an issue that came to light at the meeting of the PSOE leadership "without any criticism or any objection," he said.


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