Ferraz constitutes the manager that will pilot the PSOE of Madrid until the congress

Ferraz has already appointed the management committee that will take over the PSOE of Madrid until its renewal at the regional congress scheduled for next fall after the resignation of José Manuel Franco as general secretary after the 4M debacle. The interim leadership will be chaired by Isaura Leal, who is a member of the federal leadership and a person of Pedro Sánchez's trust, although he is also very close to the already former leader of the federation. Control will be in Ferraz and Moncloa and the line is very continuous with respect to Franco's direction.

José Manuel Franco, leader of the PSOE of Madrid, resigns due to the 4M hit

José Manuel Franco, leader of the PSOE of Madrid, resigns due to the 4M hit

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It is not the first commission that Isaura Leal - who chairs the investigation commission on Operation Kitchen in Congress - receives to pilot a management company. It has controlled that of Huelva, although this time all the members are from the Madrid federation, which has one of its main complaints in the lack of autonomy with respect to Ferraz. But Sánchez's imprint is also clear: he has appointed Fran Martín, general director in Moncloa and person of the highest confidence of the secretary general of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños. Both are active in the Madrid federation, although they have not had organic responsibilities in it. Martín was the head of finances for Sánchez's primary campaign in 2017.

The former secretary general of the PSOE of Madrid, José Manuel Franco, will also have people from his environment in the interim leadership, such as Diego Cruz or Carmen Mena, both with parliamentary responsibilities this legislature and members of the electoral candidacy, as well as José Luis García Sánchez, who is a deputy and was mayor of San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

There is also Lorena Morales, a deputy in the Assembly and close to the first vice president, Carmen Calvo. The manager only incorporates a mayor of one of the great cities of Madrid, Santiago Llorente, councilor of Leganés, and the general secretary of the Socialist Youth of Madrid, Javier Guardiola, who is also a member of parliament.

The mayor of the municipality of Robregordo, María Cano, and the spokeswoman in Los Molinos, Africa Moreno, are the other two members of the interim body that faces the difficult task of leading the party to the regional congress in which the Socialists will have to relaunch the project after the hit against Isabel Díaz Ayuso in which they were relegated for the first time to third position after 26 years of PP governments.

The first meeting of the manager will be this Friday at 1:00 p.m. The first major decision for the PSOE of Madrid in this new stage is the election of the leadership of the parliamentary group and who will be the spokesperson in the Assembly before the resignation of Ángel Gabilondo to collect the minutes, a decision that came after Franco's resignation. Neither of them had planned to assume responsibilities in the hours after the hit, but the PSOE placed them in the trigger and they ended up giving in.

Sánchez drew up an electoral list to suit him and precisely thinking about the future of the PSOE in Madrid. He has a shortlist on the table and he will have to distribute the papers. The designation of Hana Jalloul as number two on the list was read in relief to Gabilondo as a candidate, but in the socialist ranks she has not finished convincing in the campaign. At an organic level, Juan Lobato has already begun to move, although also Mónica Carazo, who has held the position of campaign director, although Moncloa has organized it, is another of the figures that sounds to relieve Franco. Sánchez will have the last word.


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