April 15, 2021

Ferrari SF90: goal to win already

Ferrari SF90: goal to win already

After Mercedes and Red Bull it remained to know, among the favorites, what the silhouette of the new Ferrari car would look like, the team that needs to win a title. And it is not that it is a necessity, it is that it was the phrase and the most used commentary during its staging carried out today in the headquarters of the factory. Its sponsor, the Phillips Morris tobacco company, is committed to sustainability (among other aspects also with its electronic cigarette) and its motto is reflected in the body of the car: Mission win now.

It is the car number 65 that the brand builds to compete in the F-1 and presents considerable changes in the front and rear wing, more simplified to adapt to the 2019 standards, the mirrors no longer "hang" from the HALO (safety arc around the pilots) and the Power Unit, called "064", has been tuned to gain more power.

The "Scuderia" premieres sports structure after the departure of Maurizio Arrivabene and the assuming the power of Mattia Binotto (who already headed the technical department), the arrival of Charles Leclerc as a titular driver with Sebastian Vettel and the enormous pressure to conquer a title that in 2018 got out of hand.

And to all this, the figure of Fernando Alonso is still present for a short-term future unless there are two relevant facts: that Vettel wins the championship and that Leclerc continues to demonstrate the enormous talent deployed last year in his debut with a Formula 1.


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