Ferrari: “Schumacher is not dead, but he cannot communicate”

Michael Schumacher, in a file image.

Michael Schumacher, in a file image.

The son of Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Italian team, Piero Ferrari, has indicated this Thursday that “Michael Schumacher is not dead, he is there but he cannot communicate“, and showed his displeasure when he heard about him in the past tense.

“I had the pleasure of having Schumacher as a guest at home and drinking a bottle of red wine together: I really enjoyed these moments of intimacy and tranquility. He is a simple, clear, precise person, a very linear personality “, said Piero in statements to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ recalling old times with ‘Schumi’.

Furthermore, Piero Ferrari regretted that “on many occasions” he is spoken of as if he had passed away after the accident he suffered while skiing in 2013 and asked to stop talking about it in the past. “I regret that today we speak of him as if he were dead: he is not dead, he is there but he cannot communicate,” he added after receiving the ‘Mecenate Dello Sport 2021’ award on behalf of the team.

Asked by the Spanish pilot Carlos Sainz, now in the ‘Prancing Horse’ team, said he is “solid and fast as he recently demonstrated in Russia.” “We have a great team”, sentenced Piero Ferrari, who qualified the other member Charles Leclerc, as “smart” and “blessed with incredible talent.”


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